Bug The Cat


Bug is dead.  Lovely cuddly cat.  We thought he would make twenty, but lasted sixteen years with this crazy family.  Never complained.  Always up for a snug.  Always under the fire in winter.  Enjoying the Gascon sun in summer.  Litter of one.  Born in America, moved to France.  Put up with the kids, the barn cats, the puppies, the cows, the chickens. Allergic to cats?  He’ll find you.  He would snug any person.

We’ll miss you Bug.  Thanks for loving us.  Thank you for loving everyone.


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11 thoughts on “Bug The Cat

  1. jmcheney says:

    I’m so sorry to read about your dear loving, lovable Bug. Sixteen years is a long time in cat years, but not nearly long enough. My sympathy & condolences.

  2. Kipper says:

    Sending condolences on Bug’s passing. It is always hard saying goodbye to a senior animal that has been part of the family through so many adventures. Our cat died last year at age 18 and it still seems like someone is missing in our family.

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