Is Your Chicken Ready?


Let’s check.  Hmmm.  Almost there.  Chooks are loving the pasture.  So much food.  Great sunny weather.  A bit of rain, but that helps the grass grow.  No complaints.


Lucy weighs the chicken, then weighs her body weight and does a bit a of math to capture the weight of the chook.  Good information for us, but a bit of truth for her.  S’okay, she’s feeling good about her fitness.



After a few years of photographing cows, it’s nice to lay on the ground and grab some bird shots.


5 thoughts on “Is Your Chicken Ready?

    • Jean Curtis says:

      first, I love that you use “maths” … hopefully they make fun of you in America 🙂 We actually say “maths” in our household. I gave up.

      and secondly, yes! they are growing like weeds. must be the alfalfa and sunshine!

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