The Famous Four


I ignore our children.  Not on purpose.  It comes natural to me.  Sometimes I feel guilty.  I should be entertaining them.  Growing them.  Teaching them.  But my ideas are nothing compared to what they have planned.   And really, I’m not your clown.  Vacation time now.  No school.  We leave them to their own and they manage their pleasure, their day.  Like those old T.V. programs with children running around solving mysteries with a little dog by their side.  You watch one of those shows and think, ” now where the heck are their parents? ”   … we’re here.  We’re here unblocking them.  We are supporting them.  Sometimes mysteries need a new iphone app.  Or help to light a match for the bon fire. Or a basket to carry all this food.  Also, as much as I ignore them, we do things together each day that take minutes and are not status update worthy.  Otto helps move the chickens two or three times a day.  Zelie helped me feed the calf.  Minty looked after her new kitten and also the other pets.  The eggs are collected by one of this lot.  Dishes unpacked then packed. Customers, meat sales. Phone. Answer the phone! Lucy did the laundry and made the table clean and beautiful. Help me cook with Zelie and Minty. Meal together. Showers, teeth. Then the truth. I hit my kids up hard with comedy. Can they take it?

me: you can fend for yourself now, you’re thirteen. get a job! get out there, rule the world!
lucy: then I won’t get pizza pockets!
we: hahahaha!


7 thoughts on “The Famous Four

  1. Cecilia Mary Gunther says:

    Fantastic. Just the way it should be. We grew up on a beach(literally) and in the summer after breakfast my mother would say “Now, OUT. And don’t come back until lunchtime”. I have NO IDEA how none of us drowned but there are many stories of us pulling each other or the neighbours kids out of the drink. Row boats begin rowed home with us sitting on the HULL. All that stuff. But when we saw the tea towel hung on the balcony we knew it was time to wander home for food. 6 kids 1 dog. And your kids have three dogs! c

    • Jean Curtis says:

      it’s a wonder we are both here alive. My mother loved me so much, I could hear her call from a mile away ( google km that ) … funny enough, our cows work the same routine …

  2. Heartwalk Counseling says:

    Your Liaise-faire parenting is perfect..I know ’cause I’ve had the joy of watching & being part of this magical circus ‼️‼️❣❣💋💋 p.s. Glad ur getting help with laundry !!!

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Jose L. Lopez says:

    At what age does this begin Jeanie? My mom was the same way with me. I don’t know if it’s the times or me being a lousy parent. My kids are 2 and 3/4 and 1 in 2 weeks. I don’t want to be a helicopter dad. Help!!

    • Jean Curtis says:

      truly, you just be you. my kids don’t even know you and they would love you. Love your wife, have fun with those bubblies!

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