Cute Animal Photos

There was a call for “cuter than my pet” photos on the interwebs. Fun theme. I pulled together what might be cuter than said pet. I rolled back in time to grab cute pet photos that stood out with our family. If y’all ( that’s “tutoyer” in French ) have cuter than my pet photos, would love to see them!













9 thoughts on “Cute Animal Photos

  1. christinalfrutiger says:

    Oh gawd…these photos are adorbs..ok, did I just say that? sorry but they really are! My favorites are…child and pup sleeping together…dog and cat sleeping together…kitten snuggling in Seahawks beanie…calf showing off her earrings…pup on wooly rug! omg..I love them all…Where did you get that darling little owlet?

    • Jean Curtis says:

      the little owl flew into our woodburner. It wasn’t on. I went to light it for the evening, then I heard a flutter. totally scared me. did another look and realized it was a baby owl. so cute! Brent got it out and I took a photo. We released it. It swooshed into the night without sound. magic.

  2. Chris says:

    Well, that is an award winning photo for just a quick snap! You should send it into the Audubon Society…or Bird Note…the NPR program!
    Actually all those photos are winners in my book! 🙂
    Chris from Gig Harbor, Wa.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      aaah! we all were surprised that it came out so lovely. Love Gig Harbor! So beautiful. Have a good weekend!

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