The Choice Is Yours


I have been caught on occasion walking in the fields in my heels.  I don’t actually plan to walk in the fields in my heels, it sometimes happens should a veal need a nudge back to the herd when I pop back from the shops.  Or when Brent asks me to close a gate on my way out.


Today, was a gate closure.  Lucy grabbed a shot.  I thought it was funny.  We have so much grass at the moment you need to walk tall.  Lift your knees and make sure your lovely shoes don’t get too messy.


Shoes in question are Vanny 7 edition from John Fluevog.  They are very comfy, lovely red and … wait for it … heart shaped heel.  AH!  Also on the sole is written, ” To love or to hate the CHOICE is yours.”

I’ve been a bit slack with myself in the last few months.  So much going on.  So easy to slip on familiar and carry on.  I’ve been reconnecting with my lovely – now vintage – wardrobe.  and I’ve been smiling more.  It’s nice to wear something you love.  So I invite you to wear something lovely tonight.  A scarf, some earrings, a short skirt.  Lipstick?  The CHOICE is yours.

9 thoughts on “The Choice Is Yours

  1. Cecilia Mary Gunther says:

    I love it when your kids get a hold of the camera (or phone) – and thank you for the nudge in my direction too – my hair is a disaster and I have not put on lippie in Weeks! Must TRY Harder! c

  2. Marla aka Crazy Mom says:

    I completely understand … and have ran out to the barn “just for a second” to end up doing so many chores and making so many messes in all the wrong clothes and shoes too many times to count!! Those are some FUN shoes, by the way.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      always nice to pop with the color red. I splash with pink. My daughter doesn’t approve. Pink and red are perfect together.

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