Parental Paparazzi


Preemptive shots of my dragon.  She’s melting down because I took a photo of her on Daddy’s tractor.  I saw her having fun, thought I’d grab a moment.  and this is what I got.


Sure, she looks cute here and there, but the absolute howl at those horrible parents , okay mamaparazzi … ferget about it.  I say, ” look, lady you go be cute and we’ll have nothing to do with it.”

peer review of this blog post:

z: uuuuuh.  don’t put a photo when I’m angry … put a photo when I’m happy




5 thoughts on “Parental Paparazzi

  1. Kipper says:

    I agree with Z. Used to get very upset as a child at my Dad when he would take candid shots of me. To everyone else, I looked cute. I felt like you never knew when your photo might be taken and shared wth others. Now I realize the photo taking was done with love. However I still dodge when people want to take my photo Z does look very adorable.

  2. Heartwalk Counseling says:

    The photo while she’s up in the tractor even with a meltdown looks amazingly like perhaps a young Jean Campbell with the exception of the haired being darker.

    What color was your hair when you were young ? MThe question brought up fun memories of going to the house in Seattle on Green Lake with so many towels stained from die and everyone leaving with their hair altered ‼️‼️‼️❣❣❣😍😍🎈🎈

    I am beyond excited to see you and whatever selection of kids you bring from Europe. What are the dates I’m I know that you’re going to Seattle first. I was thinking imagining you being there and showing the kids the lake and perhaps the offices where you got your computer start and if the boats there where it was that we did a fabulous wedding. (I Think that the slanted cake with ribbon and Brents amazing Hollywood kiss with you of course with my favorite memories of your wedding.

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