That Photo A Cartoonist Shoots For The Newspaper

Photo on 06-11-16 at 19.45 #4.jpg



Dude in the middle with all the characters around him/her.  Though these are not fictitious characters,  I didn’t invent them, we created them. But I have to be quick because they come back from school in t minus forty.  So much going on.  So much farm movement.  We took a few photos last night … night … like five or six in the evening … but this one was funny to me.  Aside from my expression, our children spontaneously acted out my thoughts.  Not my immediate thoughts …  my thoughts over time.   Minty’s expression threw me, because I didn’t know I had tall doll thoughts.  She looks like a tall doll.   … but I think she is trying to gather the family expression back to normal.

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