Baby Head

First, check out that herd!  Glorious.  Normally we are on fire warming the house because winter is coming.  … but not this year.  Too warm.  Though, I have maintained the “warm room” in case we suddenly drop below double digits.

Baby Head


A mother friend of mine ( three kids, nobel gal ) and I had an exchange.  I forgot something or stumbled and told her, “baby head”  because sometimes with so many lives to raise, you forget things.  Simple things, like the price per kilo of the beef you are selling.  And she told me this, which I hold dear to my heart, ” don’t worry, when the youngest turns six … you get your head back.” … or something like that.  WHAT?!  I get my head back?  For some reason, I thought I was supposed to get my head back when they turn three or four.  SIX?  Are you serious?


Now, I’ve had my head on pretty well, but I must admit, as my youngest turns six in a week, I’m firing on all cylinders.  WAIT!  We can do this!  and then this!  Why haven’t we done that?!  Clear as day. Only partially the way through raising people, lots of experience with the bubbles.  Now trending the tweens and teens.  … Baby Head is a thing of the past.  Now, we need to get these kiddies to be good people.

8 thoughts on “Baby Head

  1. Kipper says:

    Looks like you have been doing an excellent job raising the kids and they look very loved and have great senses of humor. Are the cattle bilingual or only spoken to in American/English?

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Ha! Great question! The cows are bilingual. When Brent calls them through to new grass, he uses English ( ” cow, cow … come on cows ” ). When we need to push them, we use French, “allez!”

  2. Chris says:

    Ha! And they are answering back…so glad we are not turkeys this week! Wait, no! We live in France! They don’t even have turkeys here! 🙂 And be glad you do live in France…you will not believe who our next president is going to be! Gaaaah!
    Gorgeous Kids!

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Next year? Turkeys for all in France. They do turkeys, but in parts. We usually construct a Franken-Turkey with the available legs and breast meat. good fun.

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