We Taste Everything That We Raise

We sell out often, which we love, but with everything we sell, we want to taste. Always on pursuit of the perfect burger … the perfect steak. We test different ways to cook beef.   We once had to grab a burger off a customer because we didn’t have a sample to test. She happily gave us a sample and tried a bit with us.  Always scrutinizing.

Sunset Checkin. December

  Sitting outside watching the sunset. Here’s what I saw without getting up. Z practicing her cartwheels. She doesn’t have a preferred side. She does them either way. Over and over again. The pups have a chew and a run. The boys love sitting with the peeps. The herd is on Florida 3.  Though Brent is calling it Flo Rida now. We’re so hip. The van is ready for delivery tomorrow. Early start. Brent packs the chickens and then heads off to Toulouse area with beef and chicken. 

Z asked me to wish for something and blow a dandelion ( yep dandelion in December ).   Z wished for snow on Christmas. 

Merry Happy HolidaChristmas

or whatever we need to say now.  Doesn’t matter.  Things are slowing down for the holidays.  Days are short.  We are finishing our sales for the year.  SOLD OUT!  go us! People are thinking of visiting their families and loved ones.  Two of our kids are off for a week doing school things.  Like out of our house off doing things.  We’re down to two little ones.  It’s like a new family.  For a week, we get to live the life of parents with two kids.  We’ll see if that is easier or harder.  But for now, here they are.  We brought in make-up and stylists to get the “straight off the farm” look.  We also sprung for the clown team to get them to show their true happiness.  Looks like the cats made the most of that investment.  I also popped in previous years to see how our antics progressed.  I’ll post our year in photos next time.  It’s been a great year.  For me, a great year for growing and learning.





family photo 2013