The Inadequate Parent


School holidays.  Kids are out.  The weather is shit.

I must admit, I leave my kids to themselves.  Why am I writing this? because I read other parenting blogs and they are so very involved in the little things.  Every little moment matters and they explain step by step how you will mess up your kid should you not follow these steps.

Cut to kid four, those steps did not scale.  So, I ran the other way.  Oh, the guilt.  I should be in there … every moment … nurturing their growth and learning.  … but one is a teen and the other a tween and the other between and the other still very into dress-up while assassinating your character at the same time.  I can’t follow the current parenting style!  I can’t!

Then, I remember MY childhood.  My mom was not the leader of creativity, she was the unblocker.  She didn’t generate games, she listened to my hairbrain ideas.  She unblocked any hurdles.  She gave me extra time.  She supplied me with tools needed to produce that show, sell that lemonade, get that youth job.  And she didn’t blog or tell anyone about it.