You Get What You Get


My heart hurts a little today because my daughter ( not Zelie ) accidentally dropped my camera on the hard, cold tiles of France.  This wasn’t her first time.  She dropped another camera of mine on the hard, cold tiles of France a few years ago.  That situation presented a green blinking light of death for my Nikon.  It was a plastic body that did not stand a chance with surrounding gravitational conditions.


After that incident, I made a rule to NEVER place a camera on anything.  She was young, she pulled a book or paper that my camera was resting on off a high shelf … she pulled the paper and the camera tumbled to its death.



After many years practicing my procedure with my camera, I left it on the table without concern because it wasn’t resting on anything … and she moved the table.  I wasn’t there, but I’m sure she didn’t mean it.   And it was my bad for leaving it there.  Thankfully, the camera body is made of metal, so most of the camera features are intact.  So far, the only damage is my ISO/QUAL/WB buttons are gonzo along with various shutter speed thingos as well as the “play” button to review the photo you just took.  As I am not a photographer and still not actively learning what those nobs do … I did use them to adjust settings.  At this point, any setting I every set is now locked in until I get my button fixed.  So, you get what you get.  It’s like the old days when you took a photo and didn’t know how it would turn out until developing time.

Granted, my camera is probably considered “old” at this point, but it totally does the job and I love it.  I had no intention of replacing it.  Sometimes, restrictions invite creativity.  I leave you with a test photo of my stapler taken today with my newly broken camera.

4 thoughts on “You Get What You Get

  1. Glad says:

    So sad, tough to accept. Rebooting sometimes is a miracle worker. Grateful it’s just a material item. You take great pics and the stapler has a good hard focus.

  2. Cecilia Mary Gunther says:

    There is a place I send my Nikons to here – in New York I think. They are not too slow and fix and clean my old thing and i have had no problems with them. I could look it up for you or maybe there is somewhere out there that repairs them. Such a shame it fell. Bad luck really. However I like the challenge of having it set on one thing then see what happens. The stapler looks very sweet? c

    • Jean Curtis says:

      I have a photo buddy who may know a place. otherwise, more challenge, more photos and more triage. I also lost my telephoto lens, but I didn’t use that too often. so stuck with “food” and “scene” lens. should be good fun.

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