A View In A Room

Second hip done did.  Two working hips.   Working technically, but there is much to do to convince my muscles and bones to cooperate.  The main thing is that the pain is gone.  Surgery pain is temporary.

The weather was beautiful outside the room.  I could appreciate the sky.  The free wifi was broken, so I was left with movies my husband put on a USB.  FOUR nights spent watching movies.  I haven’t sat through a movie in YEARS.  As I write to you, telling my story … all I hear is a soundtrack and some lines written on a screenplay and Lauren Bacall knocking back another whiskey. Broads …geez.

Funny thing happened on the way to the clinique.  While talking in depth with Zelie asking questions about all the Kings and Queens in the world and wait! Queen Elizabeth II is still ALIVE?! … I took a big bite of a pothole with my low profile tire.  Flat.

Brent changed the flat at the speed of an F1 pit crew.  Z learned how to contract the jack by extending it all the way and then corrected.

This is the sneaky beast.