Munchy Munch in October



The cows came up to the yards today.  Well behaved and knowing the drill, they walked calmly to their new slice in California T.  I love the cow that walks a calm walk.


We are still grazing the grass.  With the rain and sun and rain and sun, the grass is growing.  Last year, we fed a bit of hay while we waited for the autumn growth.  This year we keep riding the Spring that doesn’t quit.  The herd is munching away on each section.  It’s a bit cool in the morning, but warms right up for the afternoon and evening.  The tomatoes are confused and we are amused.  When the kids are off to bed, we sit outside in a tank-top or t-shirt reflecting on the day and days to come.



often giggling when in late October, we lit the fire … just for kicks.  Only to desparately need Mr. Green in late November.  With a big hug and a hot cocoa, we get through those cold months of late.  But for now, I wipe the sweat off my brow, think about a nice cool shower and ready to slip into my mumu.

The Cows Are Back In Nebraska


While chatting with our new neighbours, there was a “moo.” A “moo” a little too close to home. It wasn’t the new neighbours, it was our naughty cows taking a field trip. They are supposed to be in Nebraska. I won’t mention names, but, some farmer left the gate open to the oat field. And off they went.


They had a sip out of the lake under the tree. They did some munching and then calmly ( they were calm ) walked back to Nebraska. They have all day to munch Nebraska down before moving on.

And Lumi shows off his very special bicoloured tongue.


Cache Cow


The herd is munching their way through Nebraska. They moved to my favorite part of the farm today. When Brent moves them from upper Nebraska to lower Nebraska, they sometimes run around a bit. It is all so exciting with the hills and trees. Also, they can hide. There is some lovely stuff growing in the dip there where brown meets green. When the whole herd is munching in the dip, they seem to be nowhere. They hide.  They play cache cache.  Don’t blame it on the sunshine.  Don’t blame it on the moonlight.  Don’t blame it on the good times.  Blame it on the lucerne, woo.


Retriever On Hay Bale



Above is my photo of a Golden Retriever puppy on a hay bale in the sunset.  He hopped up and perched nicely.  He was very very still.  “Stay, Jiggy,”  I’d say, then step back to take the shot.  Somewhere between my finger pushing the button and the shutter closing, this is how it came out.  Four times I did this.  Sometimes less is more.

The days have been warm.  The pasture is growing.  It rained again last night.  Somewhere in all that lucerne is a photo of Brent.  The pasture is very tall for this time of year.  Can you spot him?



The cows swim to their next slice.



After a full week of school, we still find time to dance.


Sleepy Hollow, Club Med Cow Move



Brent, Otto and farm guest moved the cows.  The cows had Club Med.  Club Med resides in Sleepy Hollow, the paddock.  With this move, they got a bit more yummy stuff including some trees.

After the temp fence was made, the boys walk the cows to where they will cross over to new grass.



The herd bunches and waits for the call.



They munch and munch, generally facing the same way.  After, they will rest in the trees.  We are happy to have so much food for the herd.



Restraining my inner peanut gallery, let’s all get up and appreciate an instrument that knows no limits.  My Panflute Pop Pick: The Macarena.



Gliddy Glub Gloopy Nibby Nabby Noopy



We did an early morning cow walk.  The cows were up and munching.  All the mums are feeding. La la la, lo lo.






Hot 100, a wonderful cow, milks her calf Juicyfruit.  The herd is munching their way down the front of the farm.  We had a random visitor pop by to see the cows.  ” So beautiful!  You don’t see that breed here, ” she said in French.  Most of the cows you see in our area are white.




Below is Jagger, one of our bulls.  He’s fond of the ladies and likes to pull pouty faces. Work it Jagger.


This cow does not have six legs, she’s milking her calf.  And on her left is her yearling calf.  He stays close for some of mom’s homecookin’.  Salers are great milkers.  Though, I think it’s time to move along dude.  Get out there munching the pasture.  Stop being a Mama’s Boy.