Cow Tweets


When the kids are home and Brent is in the field with the cows, he tweets in notes. I call them ” cow tweets. ” It’s not all about cows, sometimes it’s cow related things that need to get done.

I thought it might be interesting to tweet his tweets. Though, it’s only interesting for those people who eat beef and are interested in the things that go on making tasty beef.

Today’s tweets:

Cow 42 on heat

G-Unit humped by 1347

1348 , maybe on heat

Cull 46, half a bull….eric the half a bull …

Joe Cool could be veal

0545 yearling looks really meaty

1337 looks great

1339 looks good, but 1337 is a yearling, but looks like a cow

We talk a lot about humping.  And our next beef.  After some moments, Brent says ” no more humping, I think I’m going to give up. ”

… words to live by



Having NO IDEA what ” Eric the half-a-bull ” ref he was on about, I looked it up.  So for you …


I Take A Lot Of Burger Shots



Burger day today.  We don’t always bun the burger, but on special occasions, like when resident teen is around or the end of summer is near, we bring on the bun.  Everyone has their own style.  Above is Otto’s burger.

  • ketchup
  • cheese
  • burger
  • lettuce
  • tomato

” And bun … heh heh. “

These babies brown.  They brown!



Zélie’s burger

  • No ketchup!
  • No pick-ohs
  • No onions
  • No special sauce
  • No onions




Minty’s burger

  • ketchup
  • onions
  • lettuce
  • frites
  • tomato
  • pickles
  • cheese





Minty has other versions.  She doesn’t always frite her burger.  Lucy is still working on her style with the burgers.




Extra points for looking like a gummy burger.



You can keep it simple or make the burger complicated.  What I love is that there is no need to mix stuff into the patties.  They can hold strong while you mess with the fixin’s.


We often eat them without the song and dance.  A bit of salt and pepper.  Some rest.  The flavor is lovely.  Served with veg.



On the back of French-Do-American-Bun packs, they lay out the exploded diagram of a Classique American Burger.

  • bottom bun
  • ketchup
  • lettuce
  • burger
  • cheese
  • tomat
  • pink flying saucer
  • the goat cheese with the hardy outy and softy innie
  • top bun






Today’s burgers were three years in the making.  We did the quick fry-and-taste … acceptable.  Lovely.  Yep, these burgers are good.  Whew.

S’mores, The Taste of American Camping



The kids wanted to make S’mores.  We bought all the ingredients a few days ago and promptly ate them ’round the hob.  You typically do this sort of food around a campfire.  Lucy insisted that we do this properly.  So back to the shops to buy some more ingredients.  Everything is easy to find except the Graham Crackers.  The closest I could get was ” petite beurre ” cookies.

Z demonstrates the final product.



For those who aren’t familiar with The S’more here’s a quick how-to.  The ” S’more ” is short for ” that is so fantastic! I want some more! ”  or Brent’s version, ” what a complete waste of chocolate and marshmallows. ”

Build a small campfire.

Toast your marshmallow over the campfire.  Everyone has their own style.  Kids usually flame their marshmallow just because they can.  I’m more of a crusty on the outside, gooey on the inside kinda girl.



Minty demonstrates the layering.  One cracker, two squares of chocolate and one hot marshmallow.



Squidge the marshmallow into the chocolate with the other cracker.



Fingers can get sticky in the process.  Clean up and tuck in.



When the sugar rush hits your brain, you begin to slur and yell out ” That was fantastic!  I want s’more! ”

When all the ingredients have run out and there is no more s’more, pout on a hay bale.



It’s okay girl, I know.  Oh, I know.

Marrow 2014



Every year we get a giant zucchini.  I usually cut it in half, scoop out and fill with inside zucchini, peppers, bacon, onions, garlic, tomato and some ground beef covered in melty cheese.


Here is Minty with the 2014 model.



This is the year I was pregnant with Z and the kids made a baby Quattro with the giant zucchini.  They tucked it in bed.  Sssssh.

Baby the Large Zucchini


Here is baby Mint Mint posing with the 2011 edition.

a very big zucchini

Lucy with Marrow 2010
big zucchini

Poor kids.  Ug, mom wants me to hold a giant zucchini and take a picture … geez.

Breakfast At Last



Fried in duck fat, Tranche Grasse.  With pots and a farm fresh egg, fried.  And some wine, yes, because breakfast happened after 1pm.  It’s been a bit busy here on the farm.

Angry Panda



Grrrr!  Angry Panda.  An “Andy Pandy” mishap with Minty learning English and Angry Pandies.  It’s all so complicated.  Thankfully we have a mug to smooth the edges.  I still have no idea what Andy Pandy is on about.  But our previous renter suited up as Andy Pandy which Minty took as “Angry Panda.”  A very interesting concept.  I’ll leave it at that.  Discuss…

Then we had pork.



After 9pm.



And we fed the calf.  But first, Lumi did his duty.



The calf is doing well.   Brent walks in with the giant bottle.



Happy boy.  Last feed for this evening.



Rosebud checked the herd.  They are loving the pasture.  This July rain is amazing.



Munchy Munchy.




So well behaved.  Even with the Blondes next door.