Country Folk Meet iPad


Mac iPad, Microsoft Napkin … I’m not sure what it was, but the kids and we had a lot of fun free styling with the Paint program. It was so easy and quick. It listened to your every tap and drag.

Minty rustled up a GrayCute.

Image (46)

And some flowers, but doh! mirror that!

Image (40)

Some Milkshake, our toughest barn cat.

Image (47)
Minty also did a little visual test for you. Do you see a young lady or an old Gaga retrieving pizza from Papa Gaga.

Image (23)
Rocks meet { insert cow } meet grass meet t-bone.

Image (2)

I think our little palindromic Otto did this.

Image (27)

He did this one as well. Cute, but not as cute as the real daddy.

Image (24)

Not sure who did this one.  Amazing, they managed to capture the Channel 95 “Red Dream” without error.

Photo on 2013-11-13 at 17.36 #3
Mr. K doing some hard work on the farm.  Love the fro, Kev!

Image (4)

Landscape #44 by Otto. He’s working on shadow. You can feel that sheep leap!  Landscape #32 was amazing, when Canon delivers my yellow, I’ll have to scan it for you.

Image (5) He also loves his flags
Image (14)

Lucy did this one

Image (48)

… and she would be pleased to tell you that her little sister followed suit.

Image (25)

If you have a little sister you will pick up on the sarcasm there.

Lordy Lordy


Our friend, Sid, turned forty and on the spur of the moment while cleaning up after some serious onion cooking for the big party, posed appropriately for a photo. It’s the squiggle that really makes me giggle. We have a straight line version, but it doesn’t capture the essence of pretending to urinate with a hose. Truly boy. Truly hilarious. Truly refreshing that we can still laugh at potty humor … even at forty.

Friends and Mr. Still

We love visitors.  We love visitors who come ’round and fuck off.  The farm can be so different from life in the city.  I love it when they can’t understand why there’s no cell phone coverage.  I love it that they think they need a cell phone.  I love to see people get taken away by the quiet or the cows or the pasture.  Some people help build fences.  Others seed pasture.  Some paint. Some entertain our little peanut gallery.  Others help Brent move the cows.  It makes me happy to share with others the calm chaos of starting a new farm set out to feed people healthy beef.




Some good friends came by not so long ago.  The kids miss them terribly.  Otto is in a “frog phase” at the moment.  His big toad managed to creep into a group shot.  Little Frog (“mom, incredible news, I found a tiny frog”) was stashed comfortably in his own Bonne Maman holding pen.  Mr. Still, the little tadpole that wouldn’t move (and coincidently was missing most vital appendages), sadly couldn’t join the party.

But don’t think you can come visit without working.  There is a lot that needs to get done.  I don’t care how hot it is or how jet lagged you might be.

A Giant Chicken Nugget!

champagne friday

Everyday when Lucy and Otto get home from school, I ask them what they had for lunch.  In Southwest France, the kids take a wonderful amount of time for lunch.  They spend at least an hour and a half eating lunch followed by play.  In Seattle, Lucy had something on the order of five minutes to eat by the time she and her class sat down.  Her lunch was packed from home and she rarely had time to eat anything other than the nutbar.  The French school lunch was a welcome change to a mid-day meal.  Her meals usually start with a salad with vinaigrette or some small bits of carrots and chicken.  Followed by some sort of hot meal that is then followed by dessert.  Fresh fruit and a milk-like yogurt is generally dessert.  On this day when I asked Lucy what she had for lunch, she excitedly said she had a, “GIANT CHICKEN NUGGET!”  Of which she totally loved.  Doubting her nugget reports, I asked for some more detail.  Somehow chicken nuggets seemed to go against the previous lunches.  I asked her if the nugget had something inside it, say ham and cheese?  She happily replied with a yes.  And that’s how Lucy learned about Cordon bleu.