I Have Danced In A Breakdance Circle

We’ve been singing this song today.  All day.  Ain’t Nobody featuring Chaka Khan.  Montaged in Breakin’ an 80’s movie about Boogaloo Shrimp and rival street dancers blah blah blah, character advances learning tight street-dance moves thus defeating – through dance – rival street dance hooligans while also adding her own classic dance moves.

There is a weak cover that is out now, but it doesn’t work for me.  At all.  Too weak.  If you take on Chaka Khan, you better have something to offer.

I wasn’t no “street dancer,” but after the head spins and the “nickle”  I kicked my leg high and did as many pirouettes as I could, then another kick and into the splits. Boo-galoo-yah!  It was a battle.  A dance battle and I only knew how to dance.  Knee spin?  Eek,  what’s that?  I did my best.  I don’t think I won, but it made for an interesting evening in the small beach town that I grew up in.

Have you danced in a Breakdance circle?  It’s one of those questions that doesn’t surface often, but you might be surprised by the answer.

Ain’t Nobody

Crazy daze. Can’t believe how crappy Mars has been. Brent played 80’s music this evening. I’m not sure when Chaka released this song, but it is timeless. Reminds me of my Breakin’ days. Yeah, I did a little break dance action, but I was the dancer finding gravity, not the dude doing head spins. Kicked my leg high, lots of turns, never mastered the worm. We all had a good laugh AND I fixed their toilet.

I’ll leave you here.

80’s: The Untold Story { Don’t Worry, It’s Plastic }

I occupied all day spending our Christmas budget on four well behaved children ( yes, I checked my list twice ). Again with the 80’s cd playing on full volume, I drove thirty minutes to the big city to catch some bargains for the cubes to be placed under the tree. Thankfully we have only two members of the family who are old enough to hold Christmas against us at future family reunions. The other two will be happy to get a wrapped anything and some chocolate in the stocking. It’s nice to have the flexibilty to get Otto a microscope while Zelie gets a potato head. After the seventh shop, you see they don’t have ” A Mall” in our neck of the woods, so after the seventh shop which means parking, un-carseating infant, shopping, price tag shock, re-carseating infant ( let me tell you, she would prefer to scream and plank than sit in that damn seat ) so after this, I turn the car on and Cameo starts playing. Oh and I’m thrilled with my thoughts quickly tunneled into ” now what material was used in Cameo’s codpiece?” And the word “codpiece” is very odd. I think it’s plastic. More importantly, you need to appreciate the timeless load that is Cameo.

After Cameo, Mr. McFerrin starts blabbing about how I shouldn’t worry and instead I should be happy. Yes, McFerrin, I worry about a lot of things. I worry about the cows getting out. I worry about my kids education. I worry about my husband working with cows with big horns. I worry about my Siamese cat that is not too skinny, but might be. I worry that Tosca is too fat. I worry that Michael might wear that mansie-onsie again. Look, there are lots of things to worry about, but I listened to Bobby ( can I call you Bobby? ) and I let it all go. I said, “yeah, don’t worry, me. Be happy. ” It started to work. Suddenly, I was worrying about nothing yet occupied with the next moves on our workload. I felt empowered. The lyrics say : No cash? No girl? Don’t worry be happy. Your rent is late? They gonna sue your ass? Don’t worry be happy. Great lyrics, man. My appreciation for Bobby was heightened by Cameo. If I heard Bobby first, I’d be all ” dude, you don’t even know. you have kids? you starting a farm? no, so how ’bout I give you MY number and you call me when you need some yummy beef.” Yet, I suppose on first listen, it might actually be a good song. In the 80’s I was happy. In the 00’s I am also happy. Perhaps Bob ( can I call you Bob? ) had something to do with it.

80’s: The Untold Story {Four Songs That Should Never Have Happened}

Still marching through this 80’s CD (yep, CD not MP3) my husband put in my car, I would like to share with you four songs that never should have happened.  If you watch the video without sound you can see the lead singer sold and cashing in on the “80’s smash hit” while the band does a big eye roll in the back ground.  So, heat up your crimping iron and I dare you to watch each in full ( as I was forced to in my car ) in succession.

1. The Bangles, Walk Like An Egyptian

2. Wang Chung, Everybody Have Fun Tonight

3. Men Without Hats, Safety Dance

4. Styx, Mr. Roboto

A Child of the Eighties


No nap from baby, a full day of Sunday cooking, cleaning and a reboot in preparation for Monday paves the way clear for a little DirectStar Le Top 80. These gems are heard from the other room while I braise beef cheeks and hum familiar tunes from my ever recent past.


Two notes into it, a little Nagal tear was shed as I recalled those crazy times of feather bangs, pegged 501’s and perfecting that paper fold of notes passed between classes filled with deep expression of the trying times being a tween in the eighties. Time after Time.

Also exciting was watching Brent shake his booty to the hip new sounds of The Jackson Five, “Can You Feel It.”

The music of the eighties shows no mercy. With each fleeting electronic synth note/beat/sound you are happy, sad and somewhat embarrassed that this … This was my time.