Oh Hi! Kid Flurry.


We are trying to get our head screwed on straight.  Kids are home for vacation.  “I’M BORED,” says Otto, “what is there to DO!?”

The herd, however, is not bored.  They are fat.  It’s very, very hot, but we still have alfalfa.  Yeah!



And helpful US visitor.  This guy has no jet lag.  A nap in the afternoon, is not jet lag.  He arrived and was one of the fambly.  Amazing.


Z is showing our visitor the ropes.  One wise-crack at a time.



Here is a shadow and a cow trail.  Can you tell I’m writing fast?


I want to share what’s going on.  Like these safety mandals.  great tractor wear…



Oops, I seem to have broken my tractor prong. … again.  Let’s fit this new prong.




Munchy munchy.IMG_3937

It’s been awhile since our last #felfie.IMG_3966_2

…. this is how a blog post reads when you have four young children talking at you and a farmer talkie-walkie -y in as I write.


“mommy, you have a funny face on there,” says Z.  yep … yep I do.  Please darling, give me a minute to construct a sentence.

Moving The Grass-Fed Cattle



It’s getting hot hot.  This is the part where we look for paddocks next to trees.  The herd is doing well in the heat, but they are always thankful for a bit of shade.

They finished eating the paddock we call “Colorado.”  To you, it looks brown and dry.  If you walk in the field and look underneath the tall grass, it is rich with green.  The cows were fat.  They ate all the good stuff and left what they didn’t like.  This will add fertility and seeds for the fall growth.

We had to wake them up to get them moving.  Brent and his lead cows led the way.  I took up crowd control and lagging calves.  Calves usually lag because they stare at me.  Very curious, those calves.



Cow 78 took her time.  She wanted to do a bit more munching in the lane before moving to the next paddock.  It’s tough because we moved them through a perfect alfalfa field.  They couldn’t help but munch their way along.



Keep it moving 78, you’re almost there.



It’s a lot cooler in “Colorado 2.”  The trees help and the the lush, green grass.