April’s Fish, No Dog Is Spared


They were quiet this morning, those kids. Still imbibing the morning joe, Brent and I worked on the events of the day. Cows need moving, calves need tagging, house needs de-Eastering. Then he turned around to get a refill and a blue paper fish stuck on his back flapped as he walked. I burst out laughing realizing then that today is April Fools day. That four-child silence I enjoyed this morning was actually paper fish in the making and muffled giggles on the edge of full blown cachinnation.

We all got gotted. The dog, the baby, the poor barn cat. This year, they branched out to the “toothy whales” and slapped a Killer Whale on my back.

Secretly sticking the fish equivalent of a “kick me” sign on the backs of friends to celebrate the first of April is great fun. America should work it in between pranks.


Thanks for All the Fish


(Gratuitus Zélie pic.  … can’t help myself.   She’s our poupette.)

It can’t be April Fools Day without sharing how many giggles are had slapping paper fish on the backs of your friends.  I experienced April Fools Day pranks in America with mediocre hilarity.  I don’t find it exhilarating.  Then I moved to France and learned about the fish.  Poisson d’Avril is more accessible to everybody and everybody gets to participate.  This year, April the first falls on a non-school day.  Our peanut gallery of Curtis kids snickered and giggled all morning while preparing a tsunami of festive paper fish.  No cat, cake or Daddy’s bum was spared.  Even little Zélie walked (yes she’s walking!) around with a festive fish on her back for hours.  I think it’s still there.