Vacation Loves Not Matter


Always great fun to watch well known movies with French subtitles.  I believe the above is ” Summer fling, don’t mean a thing.”  But translated, “Love vacation is irrelevant” or “unimportant.”

“Quelles nuits” is when John T does his falsetto “niiiiHIGH….T”


And when the gang “shoo-bop-bop”‘s … in French it is ” shoo-bop-bop.”  They can totally do that.  I seen it at Karaoke night in the village.



This Fish Is Up

Our friend Kent painted this picture.  It has always lived in the kitchen.  I’ve been trying to make a space for it, but for whatever reason – too many racks … no wall space – It’s been waiting backstage for an entrance.

It’s getting colder, you  see, and the mice are scrambling.  We have a small mouse reeking havoc about the kitchen.  Today has been operation kill mouse.  Yes, kill.  I don’t have the scalabiltiy to live-trap one mouse, take it three kilometers away and guard against its return.  No, no, I will happily trap it in a fatal way because hey, it ate through my hot water pipe ( thank you Jan for fixing it! ) , it ate most of my pantry ( a bit of money to spend replacing there ) and  the little penthouse and condo and vacation home it built … well, it stinks.  So I re-did the kitchen.  Oh so clean.  We brought the barn cats in for extra coverage.

In the meantime, at last, Kent’s artwork is back in the kitchen where it belongs.  Now I feel complete.  He said that he actually painted three fish, but only liked one.  He then painted over the two he didn’t like and one fish remained.  I really love this work.  We often explain his process to the children when they try to paint something they are not satisfied with. Look dude, just paint over that and leave what you love.

Country Folk Meet iPad


Mac iPad, Microsoft Napkin … I’m not sure what it was, but the kids and we had a lot of fun free styling with the Paint program. It was so easy and quick. It listened to your every tap and drag.

Minty rustled up a GrayCute.

Image (46)

And some flowers, but doh! mirror that!

Image (40)

Some Milkshake, our toughest barn cat.

Image (47)
Minty also did a little visual test for you. Do you see a young lady or an old Gaga retrieving pizza from Papa Gaga.

Image (23)
Rocks meet { insert cow } meet grass meet t-bone.

Image (2)

I think our little palindromic Otto did this.

Image (27)

He did this one as well. Cute, but not as cute as the real daddy.

Image (24)

Not sure who did this one.  Amazing, they managed to capture the Channel 95 “Red Dream” without error.

Photo on 2013-11-13 at 17.36 #3
Mr. K doing some hard work on the farm.  Love the fro, Kev!

Image (4)

Landscape #44 by Otto. He’s working on shadow. You can feel that sheep leap!  Landscape #32 was amazing, when Canon delivers my yellow, I’ll have to scan it for you.

Image (5) He also loves his flags
Image (14)

Lucy did this one

Image (48)

… and she would be pleased to tell you that her little sister followed suit.

Image (25)

If you have a little sister you will pick up on the sarcasm there.

My Sunflower


It’s true, I think it’s carried on the second X chromosome.  But I do love the sunflower.  I can’t help myself.  This year is a stellar year for sunflowers and we are surrounded by stellar crops of lovely golden beauties popping up imminently.  Brent has been steadily bringing our old vine fields into pasture.  We seeded an alfalfa and dactyle mix before the rain hit and watched and waited.  Things went wet.  Things went dry.  Things grew and it was time for Brent to mow it in for the next batch.  These are the things you do when trying to bring back fertility and good soil.  When we went out for a walk, I noticed a volunteer sunflower on the verge of bloom.  Brent mowed the next day, but left the sunflower.  My little sunflower.  It’s very beautiful.  I’m glad he left it.  I just want to cuddle it and call it Jorge.  Here is its view.

It can also keep an eye on the cows.  This little sunflower is not long for the world.  The strong, yellow bloom doesn’t last long and then it starts hanging its head ready for drying and harvesting.  The sunflowers bloom big through July and begin to droop through August.  When they are droopy and brown, you know its about time for school to begin, wood to be chopped and garlic/shallots/leeks/white onions/peas to go in.  Most of the fields are green with golden anticipation.  You can feel July in the air and in the fields.  Okay, but more importantly Spain/ Portugal are in penalties … gotta run.

I’m Lampin’ I’m Lampin’


and whoah, you must behold The Beast.  I’m sure it has a much better name.  I’ve been trying to take photos of it when The Beast first arrived many, many months ago.  It’s coy.  It’s mysterio.  It’s a bit dusty and cob-webby.

I love it.


It tucks us in at night.  It brightens our path as we (me, okay Brent) staggers down to make the morning brew.


It’s big.  It’s beautiful.


On occasion, it makes noise.  Which is more give from this lovely piece of art.  This beauty was designed by Katty.  She’s quite talented.  She is a One Foot Taller.  Someday, maybe I’ll grab that photo that does it justice.

What do he mean by suckas man?

An Exercise in Fluff

ballet dancer

Now that we’re at daycare proportions in family members, the kids and I have switched to self-directed, self-led fun. I’m trying to say, “yes” more and they’re coming up with many ideas to entertain themselves that don’t require electricity. Lucy, who was home sick for the day, was sewing a doll and needed stuffing. She ran upstairs and grabbed a handful of cotton balls. The doll was a huge flop as she’s not schooled in the magic tricks of sewing yet. But, not discouraged, she decided to make art with cotton balls. The creations were only limited by the finite number of available cotton balls.

wall of cotton
a clowd
When Otto and Minty came home from school, they quickly felt the cotton ball art urge and jumped into their imagination to produce many fluffy creations. All the pieces were put up on the wall that the kids dubbed a place for their art. Some of my favorites were Minty’s “A Clowd ” and Lucy’s “Ballerina.” But by far, Otto once again stole my heart with “Cottinbow.” Cottinbow, for me, said so much and visually provided so little.  Sadly, in a panicked attempt to create “Blue Dog,” Cottinbow was destroyed as Otto gathered all the blue cotton balls. C’est dommage. Sometimes art has a short life yet lives forever in your memories.