Cadeau Mignon


We had lunch with some friends this afternoon. I love lunching with friends, but don’t picture us lounging and laughing, sipping wine without a care in the world. Our lovely, baby girl makes you keep it real. Despite her two-year-old-ness, she did okay. She didn’t break anything in the lovely Chateau. She didn’t act completely rude. She ran around in a tolerable way. She didn’t crap in her pants. Success.

Our friends served a lovely lunch which we thoroughly enjoyed. I love the French pace of lunch. I tried so hard to replicate it in America with huge resistance. A two hour lunch is slacking. Wine with lunch gets you stares and eyebrows. No time for dessert ( and just forget cheese ). Coffee is acceptable. Serve it in a paper cup to-go with a sippy cup lid and keep moving. Keep on moving. Why are you sitting there? Where’s your laptop? Why aren’t you working? Blah!

After lunch, Brent did a pasture walk with our farmer friend and looked at the cows. As they went through the barn, our friend offered some bikes for the kids. One was this mini racer bike. SO CUTE! I’ve never seen a racer so cute and tiny. I know French people can trend short, but I think this little guy is actually built for a child. Le Tour approaches … Our best bet with this bike is Z. She has the best power to weight ratio.