Aromatic Bubble Wrap


The common blackberry settles in near trees and fence lines. When no one is looking, they grow and grow. They grow tall. They grow thick.

Some try hard to look like a tree, but I am not fooled. When the baby sleeps, I sneak out and chop those weedy pests into a soil enriching mulch. We’re working on the “Yukon” paddock at the moment.

clearing after a meeting of the blade

view of our farm from Yukon

looks like there were cows fenced in Yukon. Held in by using the lovely Oak trees

The blackberries seem endless reminding me of my favorite computer tidbit “perpetual bubble wrap.” This bubble wrap is just as addictive as Asteroids but with a lovely smell while you clear the board.

As I hold my lawnmower blade on my hip, I think of the classic, pre-Rings, low budget film by Peter Jackson, Dead Alive. I say to myself, “I kick arse for the Lord!” and off I go.

please don’t watch this if you have issues with cheap zombie movies involving gallons upon gallons of fake blood.

… and for your enjoyment should you not feel like chopping zombies … uh … blackberries with a lawnmower on your hip:
perpetual bubble wrap