Hot Head


Still marching through the grass.  What a great year!  Unseasonably warm.IMG_0766

Christmas is approaching and the kids are crazy.  Full of energy.  Full of short attention spans.  Full of steamed almond milk.  The herd is way more patient.  They are enjoying their daily meals.  Both kids and cows.IMG_0764

Otto enjoys the odd hot head.  These candies are not hot actually.  They are sour.  Growing up in San Diego, I know hot candy.  This is not that.IMG_0771

But your tongue turns blue.IMG_0772

Candy Land



( photos by L. Curtis )

Bored In Summer Idea #4, make a game out of candy so you can eat your captures when you crush your opponent.

 Inspired by some books given to us ( thanks Olivia! ), Lucy wanted to make a game board out of candy and run pieces of candy on top.  This was some sort of checkers or chess game.  I didn’t get to see the game in action, but the first round was a huge success.  Consequently, lunch ran late.

She wove a board with flat sugar bits covered in sour sugar.



Then, had purple sugar on one side and pink sugar on the other.  If you killed your opponent, you eat the piece.



She is also following up with a Haribo Tirlibibi round. For those not in the know, Tirlibibi is heavy on liquorice pieces.  Should be quite exciting!

The Casualties of Easter


Two, innocent chocolate bunnies devoured in the name of Easter. I tried hard to finish Mr. White, but I just couldn’t do it. I’ve lost my touch.

DSC_8523( photo by Mr. Curtis )

Minty the night before staying up for the Saturday Night movie. It always ends this way.


Otto made me take this photo. I remember when Easter was about candy. If a chocolate prize egg is the result, toys sneak in as winners. Yes, that’s a jellybean, pooping chicken. Candy and poop, a “must have” for any eight-year-old boy.


This is “the look.” Lucy has perfected this look. We love her so.

The three phases of Z. You can loop that and get a feel for my day.