Honey, I’m Home!

new toy

Brent walked in the door yesterday after a long day of farming related paperwork and things holding a new chainsaw. In the last few weeks of living here, we’ve experienced a few “moments of clarity” or as the song goes, how did I get here? One such moment was a giggle Brent and I shared while waiting in our Armagnac vineyard for the children to arrive home from school. The sun was getting prepared to set and a gentle breeze was blowing over the rolling hills as a cow mooed in the distance. Another such moment was this day that Brent bought his first chainsaw, plopped it down on the worktable with his bag not mentioning a thing other than a lovely, “hello and how did the Ikea trip go?” Yes, I see you’re excited to see me and that really IS a chainsaw in your pocket.

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