A Silent Toddler Is A Cheeky Toddler


This is not the first time I’ve been arrested by the roar of a silent toddler. I’m on to her. We grow and raise as much as possible. Or we buy from local farmers direct. I go to the shops for chocolate, milk, cream, coffee and sugar. I borrow rice from the neighbors because I’m in denial about eating rice ( rice is now on the shopping list! ). Someday I will also stop buying veg. Someday, I will have a house cow. Baby steps.

When I unload, Z searches the bags to put things away. … or so I thought. Really, she is searching for the chocolate bar. This is the sound of silence.

Today, she went off to the treehouse. Cool, no worries, girl plays in the treehouse. Many minutes later, she surfaced with this bar of chocolate that was once a rectangle.


She is perfectly happy with her behavior and doesn’t require much dinner after.


Me: Did you eat a chocolate bar?
Z: Yes! Yes, I did!!!

Zélie Likes the Fondue

z likes the fondu
I know my husband hates messy-faced-baby photos, but I can’t help but share with you the pure joy of Zélie and chocolate fondue.  We’re all a little under the weather this past week, so when you need to pull dessert out in a pinch, why not melt chocolate with a little cream and dip in some marshmallows.  It takes but two seconds and your little one-year-old and your growing-up-too-fast nine-year-old could not be happier.

grubby chocolate hands

As a side note, kids will eat damn near anything on a toothpick. This dessert could only be improved with little, wooden funsticks.

choco drip