Where The Cilantro Won’t Grow


Conditions are perfect for growing cilantro ( coriander ) in Southwest France. I’ve tried many, many times. But things, out of my control, kill it each year. Chickens, toddlers, cats, puppies, they all love cilantro. This year, I chucked a sad little plant over to our neighbour who grow stuffs without effort. It was sad because it was the only one I could find in the Gers. Cilantro is key to Mexican and Indian cooking. Not so much in French cooking. Amazing produce comes out of that veggie trough at the villa. And in two hours, look what happened …


It all started in that little pot on the right. The leafy bits you use are hard to find with spindly bits and flowers ready to go to seed.

I have never seen this progress in cilantro.

I’ve only ever seen this: