Gawd Bless America

We enjoy meeting and working with the people of Gascony. This could be The English, The French ( from the north ), The Gascons, The Dutch, The Portuguese, The German or The Belge. Occasionally, I walk straight into a moment where I am clearly American and the other party is clearly offended. Sometimes I used “pants” instead of “trousers ” – they thinking underwear, me thinking pants. Awkward. Sometimes I was supposed to say “how are you?” when I actually said, “so, is the car ready to be picked up?” ( response from French mechanic, “how are you?” ) Sometimes I laugh out loud when they use “log” in a sentence.

But it is ever so much fun educating the people of silly things like ” The Full Pull. ” Which, after seeing enough Monster trucks on trailers in France, I’m sure the French are fully pully aware of.

American comedian Conan makes sketches that highlight very American things that could be perceived as bizarre to those looking in from the outside. For me, the Southern Californian turn Northwest lady, not at all surprised.

” Pay him to go away! “