bull curls

Brent took this photo this morning of Richter.  Richter is one of our bulls.  He’s very sweet and is getting along with the ladies since he was introduced to the herd a couple of days ago.  I thought his curls would make a good texture for my desktop.  Not to mention his hunky magnetism wooing the ladies with that teenage heartthrob mop top ( think your Kirk Camerons your Leif Garrets, yeow-chooka-yeow-yeow ).
one of the bulls

He’s a bit of a snug.
take a whiff

Here he is sniffing Blackie Onassis.  She’s hot.


And a family man, the calves love him.

Cows Munch In The Sunset


After a mighty wind, we are back to sun and calm. The seven bulls have again escaped castration. First, too much rain. Second, too much wind. Third time’s a charm or a snip in this case.

The cows are munching on Colorado again. Brent has worked hard reducing hay feeding while increasing grass eating and pasture improvement.

These sunsets. This happy cow-ness. This early spring, late winter chill makes your fingers cold and your heart warm.