I Have Danced In A Breakdance Circle

We’ve been singing this song today.  All day.  Ain’t Nobody featuring Chaka Khan.  Montaged in Breakin’ an 80’s movie about Boogaloo Shrimp and rival street dancers blah blah blah, character advances learning tight street-dance moves thus defeating – through dance – rival street dance hooligans while also adding her own classic dance moves.

There is a weak cover that is out now, but it doesn’t work for me.  At all.  Too weak.  If you take on Chaka Khan, you better have something to offer.

I wasn’t no “street dancer,” but after the head spins and the “nickle”  I kicked my leg high and did as many pirouettes as I could, then another kick and into the splits. Boo-galoo-yah!  It was a battle.  A dance battle and I only knew how to dance.  Knee spin?  Eek,  what’s that?  I did my best.  I don’t think I won, but it made for an interesting evening in the small beach town that I grew up in.

Have you danced in a Breakdance circle?  It’s one of those questions that doesn’t surface often, but you might be surprised by the answer.

Hair On Fire, Tits To The Wind


I thought my dance teacher from Highschool said that, but now that I’m approaching old, it very well could have been my college professor.  We had to run across stage, you see.  In a very intense way.  Like your hair was on fire and your tits point to the wind.  Should you try this at home, I’m sure you’d get what our choreographer was going for.  I highly recommend it.  Keeps you real.  Keeps you regular.

Or you could be a four-year-old dragon.  In which case, direction is lost on you.  HOFTTW is your fuel.


All out of Bubble gum.


Crazy pup tries to keep up.


Good luck, pup.IMG_5024

Leaping is my favorite thing ever to do.IMG_5021

I love to watch my baby girl explore her leaping skills.


Cockroach Leg


The vacation has started.   The vacation from school for the children.  This is no vacation for me.  Four kids barking orders, complaining about trivial nuances in breakfast regime.  You all shall sleep in.   … and then get up.  …. and fix your breaky like humans do.

We like to give our children a real, life, human experience when they are off.  They wander.  They camp.  They take on boredom like a nine-year-old heckles his younger sister.  “Screw you boredom … you are ugly”  following up with  a picture of how ugly you are.

Right, Cockroach leg.  So, the kids sang and danced and sang and danced and did a play and some more dance and some more singing and am I helping you feel how long this all was and more dance and singing and audience participation, but wait more dancing.

But I captured our youngest child  flipping around before showtime.  Kicking her leg out like no ligaments were involved.  This is “Cockroach Leg.”  My sister Laura will confirm.  I believe it was at a Denny’s restaurant.  Order in.  Waitress nice.  While waiting for our meal, a cockroach climbed up the booth and did a little “hi y’all doodle doo?”  To which, my lizard response was, “squish that mofo.  right leg.  grand battement.”  Dancer joke, not willing to explain it.  Though, my sister thought this hilarious and potentially odd.  Cockroach dead.  Meal served.  My high kick now has a name.

My youngest clearly has this tendency.  Cockroaches of France … beware.

Farm Girl

This is what happens when you don’t provide pre-planned, cognitive brain boosting material for your toddler.  She runs outside while you prepare dinner and plays with dried leaves in a fallen door without windows that should have been cleaned up were we not so busy with said toddler.  Look at her.  Dress unbuttoned.  Trying to balance on the window frame.  Rusty nails.  Nettle.  No shoes.  Who does she think she is?  Where is her mother!


Who counts to eighteen, eyes closed and tries to balance on such wobbly wood?  Her fingernails might collect yuck.  She may step on a bee.  Is that a snake?


I’ve paid money to see modern dances like this.  Her life is so simple.  Her life is so difficult.  She balances her dreams, her desires, her physical capabilities with a brain still working out how to filter her environment.  And she wants the Blue Doggy Cup!!  What don’t you understand?!!