Hey! You There!



You weren’t, perchance, digging up my garden now?

Don’t blame it on the big guy.


You both learned this naughty trick from that old bitch, Chorale.DSC_9884

That’s it … chew each other and forget about my garden.DSC_9890

Like Playing Pétanque With A Retriever


Otto wanted to play Pétanque last night.  This is the game where you chuck a small ball as base and then chuck bigger balls at it to see who lands the closest to the base.  When Brent and I walk through the fields, we pick up rocks as we see them and toss them to the fence post to keep them off the field and easy pickup later on.  Chucking limestone at a fence post has similar rules to Pétanque.  You want to be the one who gets close to the fence post.

This game is great fun for a boy or a girl or a retriever.  Lumi chased the balls, but managed to leave the balls after they landed.



I’m not sure how he maintained such discipline.  He’s mad with the tennis ball.



Maybe he’s playing Fantasy Pétanque and keeping close eye on the score.



The Sun Is On!



When Otto was a little bub, he would wake up and announce, ” The sun is on!”  Summer in Seattle made that announcement possible as early as 4:ish in the morning.  In Gascony, the sun has arrived.  Lower the ISO, the sun is on.  Dogs are panting.  Cows are dreamy in the warm.  Kids are hiking with picnics.



The lawn was mowed and the Toss Pot rolled in the debris.



Z grabbed a Tosca cuddle.

Lumi, Cow. Cow, Lumi.



Lumi is settling in nicely with the farm.  He has not killed a chicken.  He has been in with the cows.  We don’t like him to go in with the cows, but the  cows that are up at the yards at the moment are calm.  They are good training cows.  As the herd gets closer, we’ll need to do some more training.  Nothing a little hot wire won’t cure.



This One Goes Out To All The Grass That’s Growing

puppy charge and green grass


I smell Spring.  It’s sunny and rainy today.  I stood outside chatting in the rain not bothered by the wind because it wasn’t that cold.  It’s been crazy days, but a walk outside in the evening when the sun is still on, warms my heart.  And I took photos of grass.  Oh, yeah, I suppose there were some subjects in there, but the real truth is that Colorado is growing!  Soon, it will be ready for the bovines.  In the meantime, Brent squats for a puppy-charge.

puppy charge and green grass

puppy charge and green grass

puppy charge and green grass


That pup never lets you down.  I think he’s getting faster.

The cows are in and loving the sun.  They frolic a bit in the sun.  I hate bovine frolic.  “Stop this levity!” as my ballet teacher used to say.

puppy charge and green grass


The grass is growing.  The puppy is shedding his puppy fur.  Oh it’s still there, but it won’t be long before his stud-fur arrives.



puppy charge and green grass


Brent and Lumi show the grass growth.  Boots and paws deep, a dry week, I think we’ll see some good progress.

puppy charge and green grass

Our Pup Nappeth Over

pupple butt


Another collar adjustment today.  He’s growing so fast.  He is doing well with “sit” and “stay” and “down.”  And a bit too excited with “hey! a chicken!”  and ” hey! a cat!” and “hey! neighbor’s kitten dish!” ( so sorry, neighbors ).