A Lot A Lot of Pinks!

The last few days, Z goes on an egg hunt.  It don’t matter what time.  The chickens usually lay after two.  She insists on collecting the eggs when she so is ready.  9am, 10am … Zam.  She will search and find any ovals on the farm.


We have many colored eggs.  Green, white, brown, dark brown.  Lately, we’ve had a lot of “pinks.”

Working Out The Egg Cup


I think it’s less than 46mm.  Any biggger, a bit tricky.  Any smaller, cute, but no cigar.


Also, big arse lettuce from my personal Lettuce Queen connection.  This beauty is bigger than Minty’s head and has two hearts.  Oh, I loves me some lettuce hearts.  Oh,  I feel a Kylie song coming on …

Guess What?

Chicken butt!  A joke that made me giggle the day away with my bestest friend ever as I teened in Southern California.  In a world without texting, I was fifteen.  I had to talk with my friends directly.  An asynchronous chicken butt conversation will hold strong with current technology, though,  should you want to surpass a < 140 “yuk,” you’ll find a richer, more contagious laugh in person.

Forty-one chooks, five eggs.  Thirty-three laying chickens, two eggs.  Thirty-three laying chickens, six eggs.  WTF?!! [send].


Brent found a gutter that seemed perfect for grain feeding.  Those hens can be tough.  We started dispersing the grain so everyone had a chance to prendre un repas without getting pecked off.  Tossing grain randomly about the run is awesome if you want to feed the chickens and seed your wheat field.  Otherwise, I get more out of the grain when it rests on a hard surface like steel, wood, concrete or a random plastic gutter.  They seem to love the gutter despite its wobbly presentation.

I patiently, without swearing, moved the temporary easy-to-use fencing to give them some new grass ‘n’ bugs.  We’ll see soon how they do.  Six eggs thus far.  Come on girls!  Give me a baker’s dozen!  Our neighbor wants to make some mayonnaise!