This Steak Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us


More food porn ( using “porn” here in the “wow, that looks yummy” sense ). I love to take photos of raw ingredients. I feel poetic about the experience. I take a photo of some yummy potential and you interpret what to do with it. I write about the food our family eats on Girl On Grill Action ( yeah, you read that right ). I try to avoid writing anything to the tune of “then you add 1/2 cup of …” I’m more interested in what things are there for me to cook and figure a meal out as they come along ( e.g. hunter brings leg of Bambi in a garbage bag as a thank you offering ). But this steak study is a bit more difficult because we made that steak. We raised it. Now I want to do it justice and get a good photo of it. This beauty is an entrecôte ( a rib eye ). I have some fry and fluffed versions of this steak, but really I’m still dizzy with excitement that this March beef tasted so good. Everything we do tweaks and refines on what we think will make tasty beef. A slow process. So when a carcass comes out with a good result, we are extremely proud.

The calves are still popping out all healthy and boing boing. Brent didn’t have to tag any today, but still he worked up an appetite with all the other farm duties to check off. We only had one entrecôte pulled aside. Between his man farm work and my no-nap toddler, this steak wasn’t big enough for the both of us. We enjoyed it without an arm wrestle and instead some cabbage sautéed in foie gras fat.