Some Cuddles From The Girls … and Siamese



Crazy daze with vacation.  Zèlie’s nap has gone away.  She naps at school, but not at home.  So she “hits the wall”  at various times of day.  Today’s crash was around dinner time.  Brent quickly volunteered to be that parent.  The one who cuddled a warm bub while she drifted off to nap turn bed-time.  Minty and Bug helped.



She knows when I snap a photo.

Also today, I spent a rare ten minutes sitting on an old tractor tire.  Absorbing warm sun, supporting Brent while he moved the herd and tagged a calf.  I thought, “hey! I’ll paint my toenails badly!”  Thankfully, my husband only loves me from head to ankle.



Bug got out. Bug got back in.  The sun is on, but it is still a bit chilly.



Dolphin potatoes.



Purple and yellow carrots!  Our neighbor handed over their fresh stuff while they enjoy their holiday.  We enjoyed these cuties in butter, salt, pep, honey and a spot of pork hoob-a-joob



And some pork chops.  A good day today.