Little Farm Of Calm

I love those photographs that portray one thing and actually the experience is quite different.  Here is Brent, calmly resting after a huge day on the sun lounge.  I can count on one finger how many times Brent has rested on the outdoor lounge.  I happened to catch time number two.  Truth be told, we’ve only ever owned a lounge for the sun three weeks ago.
He looks so peaceful.  You must deduce the smells and noises that he hears laying there.  Resting.  It’s been a big day.

What you don’t see is this.


Zelie singing and playing just there.  Nonstop.  Thankfully, she’s not singing a song from Frozen.  She jumps and dances to her own tune.

… and the dogs.  Always there.  Wanting a pat and a cuddle.  They were off chasing the “radish” when I snapped the calm lounge.  Soon returning for approval and affection.


You can’t hear the other three playing a video game.  Trash talking and screaming because someone killed them or their chickens.

He did have a small rest, our farmer, but it wasn’t silent or calm.