Upping The Pajama Game


Now that I’ve discovered the internet, I’m taking and posting more photos. So if one farms in his jammies and wife takes daily photos, one becomes more aware of farm fashion.


Yesterday was gorgeous. So gorgeous the doors were open and Brent’s blue pants flapped in the wind. His week of farming in jammies can come to an end. Back to bleu de travail. Whew!

Today is a totally different day. Rain, thunder, lightening and it’s time to start the fire for reals. Thankfully the axe arrived. Brent’s new axe for splitting wood.  Whenever we refer to it, we call it “My Axe.” A reference to a silly Flight of The Conchords song “Frodo, Don’t Wear The Ring,” which has the line ” .. and MY AXE” that stood out.


Bruce was fired up to chop the logs.  My Axe was used to split.  A lot of rain today, so the seed that was seeded should get along well.IMG_5031