Of Zombies and Chokos


Big sister has taken to face painting.  Last night, right before bed, she did ” Black. ”  Brent didn’t know about Black until he saw Z in the morning.  Black migrated and built little colonies away from her face.  Huge cities of Black on her arms, neck and legs. Face completely clean.   Amazing the transient qualities of Black.  He gave her a bath.

This day was ” Red. ”  Red lasted until we visited a friend.  Z will do anything to go with Mommy.  Wiped her face, put on her shoes and peed in the potty ( even though there was ” no pee in me! ” ).  Halloween approaching.  ‘Tis the season to be Zombie.

Below are Chayotes.  I have NO idea what to do with them.  They were given to me.  I always love fresh veg.  They’ve occupied my kitchen for a few days now.  Yesterday, I noticed they were sprouting.  They’re growing tentacles.  When I cooked the duck confit, I felt their presence.  I looked back to make sure they were still there.  Stirred the Blanquette de Veau.  Looked back and their tentacles grew another inch.  Not sure where to go from here.  I can plant them or eat them.  Otherwise, they might become mobile.


Notes From The Frigo


We delivered ground beef and veal to Bordeaux today.  Brent held the farm and I did the delivery.  It was a great day for a delivery.  Sunshine, hot, just gorgeous.  The kids are off for two weeks now.  Les vacances was in the air.

Bordeaux is beautiful.  Though I’ve never been in the town, it has a good vibe.  This opinion derived from traffic behaviour and general beauty-ness.

They can squat and take photos on water in Bordeaux.


My first stop is moving beef in a parking lot near the city’s science building.  The science building is gorgeous and hard to photograph driving a frigo van.  This is across the way.  Though, the Jet Heart pillars would make a fine science center annex.


After, off to the next drop near the observatory.


Have to go over this cute looking bridge to get there.


That is a very wide river.


It looks like you can buy a piece of Central Park in France.  … or the spirit of Central Park.


Then to the observatory.  These instruments are no longer used, but they leave a great impression on the landscape.




We managed to sneak in a veal taste test before I left, but come 5pm, I was very hungry.  I hate buying pre-packaged crap, so I got all brie and baguette.  It was THE best brie and baguette sandwich I ever ate.  I don’t remember much between the first bite and brushing the crumbs off my lap.  I also bought a pack of “smarties” … that’s M&Ms to you and me.  If I return from a Bordeaux trip without a yellow pack of snarf, I get told off.


All photos are from within our new/used refrigerated van.  It’s very exciting because we can be flexible and spontaneous.

The frigo is a Ford mark and as such sports the obligatory cup holder.  Perfect for buck-thirdy auto expresso.


The surprise feature that Brent figured out, is the toll road slot.  ” What is this slot for? ” he asks.  Then it all came clear.  Fits also the bidness card.

For It Is Time


Time to make your vanilla extract. The baking season approaches. Also, a great Christmas gift that beats the heck out of a mug loaded with jellybeans.

Here’s how:
– Chuck two vanilla beans into some alcohol
– Place into a dark cupboard you rarely open, like your potential
– Once a week give it a whirl
– After three months, voila

Above is vanilla beans with Armagnac

… you had me at Armagnac.

Tijuana Sombrero



What’s a Tijuana Sombrero?  OoOOoh, don’t ask, let me show you.

Stick a fried egg on a Croque Monsieur and you get a Croque Madame.  It is said that the fried egg looks like a woman’s hat.  This is my little Mexican take on a Croque Madame.

Stick a fried egg that you formed into a Sombrero on a burger with cheese, fresh salsa, some creme fraiche and a bit of lettuce and you get an Amiga Mexicana.  Fun for a girl or a boy.  Though, I think Tijuana Sombrero will win on the naming of this dish.


Minty did Carrot Henge.



Z ate ham rolls and yelled at Minty for taking her photo.  “NO PHOTO!  grrrrr! ”


The Night Was Going Well And Then We had Some Tequila

Bordeaux run today.  Beef to happy beef customers.  There are so many scheduling details and things to do, I always forget to bring my camera.  I have the phone shots, but it’s not the same.  We talk so much about the farm, the cows, the kids and the family, I want to bring in the delivery side of things.

Bordeaux is beautiful.  I’ve never stepped foot around town, but it has a good feel.  Below is a photo I took when I did our first trip with Z.  The rocket is still there as of today.


Our man in Bordeaux who helps with meat peeps sends back a cadeau with me, a bottle of Tequila.  I haven’t tasted or heard the word Tequila in years.  Memories of Friday Cadillac Margaritas at El-something-or-other of which I can’t remember due to Cadillac Margarita Syndrome ( C.M.S. ), awakened a reminiscent, “aaaaah.”  He has family connections with the Meh-hee-cans.  We had a chat about ” The Good Tequila.”  There is ” driving the porcelain bus ” Tequila and there is ” having a good laugh ” Tequila.  Add a good laugh with Grand Marnier and you get a Cadillac.  I mentioned this type of Tequila to Brent and he laughed at me.   ” No, it’s like saying there is nice Vodka. ”  I had a small sip of the Tequila to try it, very nice.  We have another delivery tomorrow, so no time to test this hypothesis.

After three coffees and a big day, I devoured a burger.  It was the best burger I ever ate.



.. best burger I ever ate ref


Cow Tweets


When the kids are home and Brent is in the field with the cows, he tweets in notes. I call them ” cow tweets. ” It’s not all about cows, sometimes it’s cow related things that need to get done.

I thought it might be interesting to tweet his tweets. Though, it’s only interesting for those people who eat beef and are interested in the things that go on making tasty beef.

Today’s tweets:

Cow 42 on heat

G-Unit humped by 1347

1348 , maybe on heat

Cull 46, half a bull….eric the half a bull …

Joe Cool could be veal

0545 yearling looks really meaty

1337 looks great

1339 looks good, but 1337 is a yearling, but looks like a cow

We talk a lot about humping.  And our next beef.  After some moments, Brent says ” no more humping, I think I’m going to give up. ”

… words to live by



Having NO IDEA what ” Eric the half-a-bull ” ref he was on about, I looked it up.  So for you …


S’mores, The Taste of American Camping



The kids wanted to make S’mores.  We bought all the ingredients a few days ago and promptly ate them ’round the hob.  You typically do this sort of food around a campfire.  Lucy insisted that we do this properly.  So back to the shops to buy some more ingredients.  Everything is easy to find except the Graham Crackers.  The closest I could get was ” petite beurre ” cookies.

Z demonstrates the final product.



For those who aren’t familiar with The S’more here’s a quick how-to.  The ” S’more ” is short for ” that is so fantastic! I want some more! ”  or Brent’s version, ” what a complete waste of chocolate and marshmallows. ”

Build a small campfire.

Toast your marshmallow over the campfire.  Everyone has their own style.  Kids usually flame their marshmallow just because they can.  I’m more of a crusty on the outside, gooey on the inside kinda girl.



Minty demonstrates the layering.  One cracker, two squares of chocolate and one hot marshmallow.



Squidge the marshmallow into the chocolate with the other cracker.



Fingers can get sticky in the process.  Clean up and tuck in.



When the sugar rush hits your brain, you begin to slur and yell out ” That was fantastic!  I want s’more! ”

When all the ingredients have run out and there is no more s’more, pout on a hay bale.



It’s okay girl, I know.  Oh, I know.

Breakfast At Last



Fried in duck fat, Tranche Grasse.  With pots and a farm fresh egg, fried.  And some wine, yes, because breakfast happened after 1pm.  It’s been a bit busy here on the farm.