Cracking Boredom or Taking A Break



photo by MInty

We learn so much in the summer months.  One of our customers and friend led us to this game.  He helps makes this game possible.  It’s a lovely experience.  The pieces are wonderful to manipulate, the game is addictive and you can pause your game.  Pausing a game is a key wife feature.  Why on earth would you need to “pause” a “game?”  … because it is time for dinner, dear or son.



There are shapes, you see.  And limits.  You must move blocks to fit perfectly in the space.  Your space.  The space you’ve built up over time.  Yes, with these shapes exactly, you must fit them in the space.  Off you go now.  No napping.



It’s a lovely game for my three-year-old, for my husband-old, for my kids-over-three-years-old, for my resident teen or for me.  I’m at level eight.  I’m slacking.

Katamino.  Thumbs cranked up to eleven on this one.



This is not a sponsored post.  I don’t  subscribe to posts that are sponsored.  I am in love with making shapes fit into a confined space.