We Were After Lamingtons


Gorgeous day today.  T-shirt weather.  Not really, but much warmer than the yesterdays past.  Brent rolled out the first bale of hay.  We had our first calf today.  To get the herd munching and working the soil, Brent rolled a bale of hay out to keep them going.

Minty set out to make Lamingtons,  A sponge, dipped in chocolate, covered in coconut. A dish that is very yummy.  We made a proper sponge, but our proper sponge was ready for a roll instead of a dip.


So we made a chocolate creamy inner, sprinkled coconut and gave it a roll.  Then, painted the log with more chocolate stuff and more sprinkled coconut. Result?  Huge hit.  Gone in three and a half minutes.


It’s a ‘k’ year.  Our new calf is a girl and she was quite lively.  Tagging her was spirited. IMG_1142

I ran off to the shops to gather some nutrients for people and livestock.  On return, Brent and the kids started a game night.  The Settlers of Catan. I don’t know  much about the game, but these two things came to mind.

  1. Brent has a lot of sheep
  2. They build cities
  3. Curious if they can build these cities on rock and roll


Cracking Boredom or Taking A Break



photo by MInty

We learn so much in the summer months.  One of our customers and friend led us to this game.  He helps makes this game possible.  It’s a lovely experience.  The pieces are wonderful to manipulate, the game is addictive and you can pause your game.  Pausing a game is a key wife feature.  Why on earth would you need to “pause” a “game?”  … because it is time for dinner, dear or son.



There are shapes, you see.  And limits.  You must move blocks to fit perfectly in the space.  Your space.  The space you’ve built up over time.  Yes, with these shapes exactly, you must fit them in the space.  Off you go now.  No napping.



It’s a lovely game for my three-year-old, for my husband-old, for my kids-over-three-years-old, for my resident teen or for me.  I’m at level eight.  I’m slacking.

Katamino.  Thumbs cranked up to eleven on this one.



This is not a sponsored post.  I don’t  subscribe to posts that are sponsored.  I am in love with making shapes fit into a confined space.

Candy Land



( photos by L. Curtis )

Bored In Summer Idea #4, make a game out of candy so you can eat your captures when you crush your opponent.

 Inspired by some books given to us ( thanks Olivia! ), Lucy wanted to make a game board out of candy and run pieces of candy on top.  This was some sort of checkers or chess game.  I didn’t get to see the game in action, but the first round was a huge success.  Consequently, lunch ran late.

She wove a board with flat sugar bits covered in sour sugar.



Then, had purple sugar on one side and pink sugar on the other.  If you killed your opponent, you eat the piece.



She is also following up with a Haribo Tirlibibi round. For those not in the know, Tirlibibi is heavy on liquorice pieces.  Should be quite exciting!

Oh Candyland. My Candyland.


I’ve always hated the game Candyland. Now that I’m over forty, have young children, provide quality food for the community, laugh and giggle at all my husband’s jokes, I feel I can say this out loud. I’ve played this candy family game with two-year-old Lucy with excruciating pain and much squinting. The game begins with your choice. “Hey, Lucy! What color do you want to be????” then unfolds into a submissive fromagerie raclette of luck-filled card draw. Your fate dictated by the cards. You influence nothing. The first rule of Candyland, is there is no strategy in Candyland. As we have six mouths to feed ( plus dog and cats and chooks and bovines and pasture ), I find myself in the kitchen quite a bit. I enjoy this time. As I cook, the kids come in with whiteboard markers and ideas. I slapped a wallpaper white board on the fridge for reasons I don’t even remember. This has been used in ways I had not imagined. I wish I had rolled out a bigger slice of that roll. At dinner time, we do our fair share of tic-tac-doh! And “draw this shape I will describe for you.” I’m a poker man myself, but I do enjoy a pen and paper game. We also do a lot of Hangman. Minty, the third child, has created “Packman” which is a heck of a lot similar to “Hangman,” but for her ever changing rules and the ever continuous dialog: She: “let’s play Packman” Me:”Hangman?” She:”oh yeah! Hangman. I always remember.” She’s the third child, they do that the third childs. So sweet, yet so cheeky. You know who you are ThirdChildtm. I’m on to you.

Thankfully, I’m not alone. I grabbed a sedentary moment where I should be updating accounts, managing customer lists, writing a lovely letter to my mother, but instead I’m hanging on to the last breathing hours of google reader, I clicked on a McSweeney’s list that reminded me of my ick on Candyland. And he, Eric Stoveken, summed it up well.

Because, if Mommy is tired enough, you can win in just two turns.

Game of Pwn


I’ve created a new game. A game that compiles all of the game pieces from all the games you own. Okay, maybe Zélie made the game. I call it “Games Without Frontiers” ( or Jeux Sans Frontières in French ). It has no rules and if  war ensues, it will be without tears. Okay, maybe Peter Gabriel named the game. But it’s a very popular game in our household. Monopoly money is King and the little cannons from Diplomacy are surreptitiously strewn around the house.

At first, I know, I feel you getting a little uncomfortable with all the pieces all together in perfect disharmony. It’s a nail-scratch-on-the-chalkboard feeling that can only be resolved with order, reconciliation and a strong hook-and-eye securely fastened to the door.  In this game, with all those pieces, there are no predetermined rules.  Kids hate games with rules.  They much prefer to create the rules as they go along ( usually slanted in their favor ).  Spend two minutes playing CandyLand with a four-year-old and this message will shout at you loud and clear.  The first rule of CandyLand is : there is no strategy in CandyLand.  Your fate unfolds as the pre-shuffled deck orders the next move to which you follow without question.  No choices required.  Sit back, follow directions and Hey! LOOK!  Gumdrops!

She’s so popular, our Zélie, opening up all the games to make one game to rule them all.  The games the kids play with all the pieces is endless.  Really, the only limitation is yourself.


Otto, Minty and Lucy Play Charades

Lucy: [A Jaguar]
Our Guess: A Cheetah! NO. A Leopard! NO.
Lucy: Claw claw, roar roar! You want a hint? It starts with “Jah” …I suspect the three spotted animals would be charaded in the same way.

Minty: [A princess walking a pig]
Our Guess: A lady?!
Minty: I’m no lady! I’m a Princess!


Otto: [A mailman delivering a newspaper to a lady]
Our Guess: I don’t know.
Otto: “can’t you see?! He gives her the paper every TUEsday”