Flying Retrievers



I’m learning more and more about the Golden Retriever.  If you can imagine a pie, a large slice is dedicated to sleeping and snoring.  There is a small sliver for eating, but they eat so quickly not much time is spent there.  The entire pie rests in a butter crust of “eating desire.”  When you’re not looking they will eat the pie.  There is a fair slice of cuddles and pats.  And the final slice is retrieving.  It’s like they were bred to retrieve.



Chorale is the most athletic.  She’s the one with the orange collar.  When the ball is tossed, she leaves the young boys in the dust.  She’s a grumpy bitch with amazing athletic ability.



I love to watch their face so dedicated to the thrown object.  They follow that object so closely, their bodies do crazy things to get that thing.

They fly.



And tug a bit with the wee one as he learns this whole retrieving thing.




Then they rest.  And smile.



Chorale sits by her well retrieved mini rugby ball.



Lumi displays his crazy black and pink tongue.