Moving The Grass-Fed Cattle



It’s getting hot hot.  This is the part where we look for paddocks next to trees.  The herd is doing well in the heat, but they are always thankful for a bit of shade.

They finished eating the paddock we call “Colorado.”  To you, it looks brown and dry.  If you walk in the field and look underneath the tall grass, it is rich with green.  The cows were fat.  They ate all the good stuff and left what they didn’t like.  This will add fertility and seeds for the fall growth.

We had to wake them up to get them moving.  Brent and his lead cows led the way.  I took up crowd control and lagging calves.  Calves usually lag because they stare at me.  Very curious, those calves.



Cow 78 took her time.  She wanted to do a bit more munching in the lane before moving to the next paddock.  It’s tough because we moved them through a perfect alfalfa field.  They couldn’t help but munch their way along.



Keep it moving 78, you’re almost there.



It’s a lot cooler in “Colorado 2.”  The trees help and the the lush, green grass.


Miam Miam


That’s French for “yum yum!”


Hay and cow moves today.  Mostly hay.  The sun shines, so make hay whilst.

Brent collects the fence.


Here are a couple of hay fields mowed.  A bit of a Brazilian technique.  I don’t think they do this anymore, so we are already retro.


The herd is ready to move.


They get stuck in right away.


During a pasture walk, cloud crop circles are located.  What are they saying?


It’s Time For A Beef Montage




Filet Mignon



Filet Mignon in a pan.  Leek and garlic notes from this morning’s fry-up.

Faux filet.  Top Sirloin










In curry!  On flat bread!




Farmer’s cuts!



Served with some peas and friends!



Something meaty all gone!


Aussie steak sandwich but with French bread and French mustard so not so much Aussie, but Aussie inspired! OI OI OI!



Crunch, pull, pass me a napkin!


Oh wait, that’s la ferme de roussa duck.  … but still montage worthy! dah-dah dah dah-dah-dah!



I can totally do a one handed push-up.  Come see!  C’est tellement dur maintenant!




Beef Day Tomorrow!



We love selling beef.  We love beef.  We can’t wait to fry up the meat and evaluate the flavour.

Thanks to ” économie domestique, ”  you should also look at breed and nourriture and the season.  We can give you that data exactly.


Mince! Ground Beef! Friday the 13th


Beef sale this Friday!

No superstitions held here.  I learned quickly that most superstitions are tales by mothers to get your kids to behave and be healthy.

  • “shoes on the table will bring bad luck”

Yes, it  is also very dirty to have shoes on the table.  Please, dear, don’t do that.

  • “breaking a mirror will bring seven years bad luck”

And, my love, you will not clean up …. so I will have to.  I’ve cleaned up enough today.  So don’t break the mirror.  Can you post on facebook instead?

  • “open an umbrella in the house is bad luck”

Please use the umbrella when it is raining.  If it is not raining, you are playing with it and therefore will break it and I need to buy a new umbrella.  I don’t have the budget for this, thank you.

  • “garlic protects from evil”

Garlic also helps you keep away from cold and flu.  Cold and flu are evil.  We use it liberally with mince and the rest during these cold months.

  • “blowing out all the candles in one breath will bring you good luck”

Blow them out!  It means your lungs are healthy and I’m happy.

  • “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Eating seasonally, apples seem to do the trick when the colds set in.

  • “A sailor wearing an earring cannot drown”

Uh, yeah … uh, if he eats grass-fed mince, even more safer.  Go sailor!
So many ways to go with ground beef.  I’m excited to get cooking!

I should also add that, making a meatball in the month of December brings good luck!