Escape to a farm in Southwest France. … that is the message.  I live on a farm in Southwest France and I still need to tell myself that.  It’s so easy to fill your head with people’s words.  Podcasts, Stand-up Comedy, News, News on the TV, Youtube, Yabble Babble.  So easy to sink time in to understanding what’s going on … and it is VERY interesting … but … is it?   What is going on around you?  You could probably check in each week and be ahead of the game.  I say “escape” because the words people are using in the big cities, in town at your local big shop … feels stressed.  What if you could push a button and deal with things like drying your clothes without a dryer, picking some vegetables for dinner, moving big animals to tasty pasture … No need for roller coaster rides that you wait hours to ride.  … move some cows!  thrill of a lifetime.

We are offering a glimpse into our farm.  A temporary moment to experience what comes at us fast everyday.  Decisions about beef, about chickens, managing pasture, about business selling meat, about future offerings… each day a steady state of known and a fireball of unknown.  You’ll arrive and see five things we should do and you’ll leave knowing why we put energy into five other things you didn’t know. Or even better, you’ll relax, chill and enjoy the silence ( D. Mode ).

Our Air BnB can be booked at: Grasspunk Getaway

I took TONS of photos to promote our rental and these four photeez are core to my heart:


a kitchen to cook real stuff with good ingredients on a hot stove with seats for people


dozing on a bed with a door to the outside world, glimpsing at a book I find time to read each month the same chapter to remind myself of where I left off


grass and open pasture for miles and miles


a burger and another burger with a sloppy egg

Morning Breaky 2017


A bit foggy this morning ( or we like to say .. okay …*I* like to say “froggy” ).  The herd was excited to get their new strip of pasture.  The first this year.


They know the routine.  Waiting patiently while Brent walks over to the reel to unwind the fence, look how giddy they are.


This fog is in for the day I think.  Which is good because temperatures are dropping.  It’s been nice having all this December growth.


The Puffy Clouds of Bordeaux


Beef to Bordeaux today.  I snapped a few shots.  When I loaded them on my computer at home, I noticed that these puffy clouds kept photobombing my shot.


We have these puffy clouds over our pasture and the herd.  It’s good see see how they look over the big city.



I wonder if anyone noticed.


Traffic was light today.  There were a lot of people out enjoying the sunshine.  I think they were also enjoying the puffy clouds.


Those clouds even made it into this shot of construction, temporary construction offices and an old tree trying to bloom.


After all the meat was delivered, I ate l’Américain.  So many sandwiches to choose from, I chose that one because, I am American.  The sandwich man laughed.


oh, what’s on l’Américain?

Ham, lettuce, tomato, hard boiled egg, pickles and mayo.  Yep, me too, I pondered my way back to the farm, “why these ingredients?”  What made this the American sandwich?

Flavor Flav


The herd is still munching through the alfalfa.  I feel like I keep saying this.  I keep saying this because it’s October and we usually feed a bit of hay by now.  But not this year.


Brent is still planning the route through our alfalfa fields.  Alfalfa is great for flavor.  Flavor is what we’re after.


Today Is Pretty Much Over


It all happened so fast.  We got a lot of shit done, but when you reflect, you think to yourself, ” wow!  that thing happened  this morning!”  All good here.  All great.  Still haven’t checked the mail, but sometimes no gah-newz is good-gah-newz.  Minty took a pano shot of our hallway.  I thought it was creepy.  I worked with her to turn some knobs and creep it up a bit.  Gotta love living in an old Gascon farmhouse that hasn’t been touched ( other than some windows and doors ).


Hot today, but with the breeze the cows seemed cool with their paddock.  We moved them after Brent returned from the butcher.  We are selling super fancy steaks this week.  We tried our “rumsteak” as we do and were happy with the flavor and  tenderness.


The sun and moon were battling it out in the sky when we moved the cows.  They moved well.  We had to push them through the lane because they were munching the grass in the lane.  This part was planned, we took our time and they arrived in California, the vineyard turned pasture.  Happy as a cow.


Shoe wear today was the Brown Blunnie.  I do love shoes, so I feel like I should share with you what foot attire might step foot on our pastures.  These Blunnies are veteran cow mover shoes.  A bit slippy and no good in the wet, but they rock and roll for any given cow triage.


The herd moved to California, the paddock.  After the big move, they stopped and ate.  Great to see.  California hasn’t been munched for months.

I caught a calf milking while mom was trying to eat.  I do loves me some milk nose.


Children Show No Mercy For Jet Lag


Yeah!  Our friend Kevin is here!!

Arrived last night.  Managed to eat and laugh.  Then went off to read the instructions to construct “Hubble” our new telescope ( thanks, Kevin!! ).  I should say “read” instructions.  Sometimes Brent “reads” in bed.  Whereby “reading” means: put your book on the bedside table and shut the light off.

The kids were exhausted from end-of-school activities.  I think we all had a bit of jet lag.  But, the children managed to get up earlier than Kevin, wandered over to the villa and woke him up.  He said he heard their footsteps as they entered.  We call it “child thunder.”

Burgers for lunch today.  We do burgers with buns when we have a beef sale.  A special treat.  Everyone has their own style.  I enjoy watching and photographing what burger people make.  It’s very personal.  Kevin made the burger above.  TWO tomatoes, good one.  Fried egg is lovely. He chose Comte as a melty topper.

I think everyone who visits will be required to build a burger.  I’ll photo and post the results.

Here is Hubble in the making.  The moon is full tonight.


Last night the moon was full and red.  There was a lot of harvest and a lot of heat that messed with the atmosphere.

Can’t wait to see what tonight’s moon and star show is about.


Feeling A Bit Rogue


We usually have guests or neighbors or customers around.  But today, no one was looking.  Oh and it’s so hot.  Well, the kids are looking, but after this many years, their surveillance has descended into white noise.  They know the drill.  The balls are doing well in the herd, no gnu-ews is good gnu-ews.  Fences are holding bitches are standing.  Aaaah yeah.

I suppose you are watching.  A lot was done today without comment.  As I said, it was hot.  Brent sprayed the herd with water.  They enjoyed their Springtime drizzle.

Minty grabbed my phone and a photo of my life as an American accountant.  Lots of numbers, lots of nonsense.  And thankfully, lots of sun!


She also grabbed a photo of our staircase.  A bit blurry, but representative of the feeling of said staircase.


Rogue, just like our chooks.  Don’t worry, we’ll pull it together next week, we have company …

Should you need the soundtrack for today, imagine non-stop Eurovision 2015 (s)hits.  All day, all Eurovision.  You know what?  It’s not all that bad.

Should you need a soundtrack for our situation, here is a goodie:

Still trying to understand Eric Carmen vs Eric Cartman.

The Balls Are Back In Town


The bulls are in.  Here’s one, the black guy.  There is another just like him.  They are enjoying their special purpose.  The girls gave them a bit of hell on first introduction, but everyone seems like friends with benefits at the moment.

A little French lesson “Buvette” is what they call the bar at the village parties.  It is also what you call this brown bowl full of water for the cows.  English language equivalent would be “off to the watering hole.”  I thought it was interesting that both French and Americans see the cow bowl as also a place to grab a beer.


GRrrrrrrr.  So much grass, yet still you, Cow 10… I’m watching you, insist on eating under the wire.


Fun today.  Brent precisely placed the hay prong into the waterline.  So amazing, I don’t think he  could do this a second time.  There’s a challenge.


Just amazing.