Shortest day of the year, I grabbed some magic hour shots.  My subjects were wearing orange which brought out that magic in magic hour.



Non-orange people also joined in because they are hams.  A photography victim.

Our dog stuck his head in a hole.  That’s when I worked it all out.  “Downward Dog” is not only a yoga pose, but an actual dog pose.


More organginess and a violet eyed Mint Mint.


This pose was so popular, Lumi joined in.  Lucy demonstrates the human version of downward dog.


Minty stole my camera and shot me.


We are munching the cows through stockpiled grass.  They were resistant at first.  Today, they worked it out and are fat fat fat.  You go girls!




Flavor Flav


The herd is still munching through the alfalfa.  I feel like I keep saying this.  I keep saying this because it’s October and we usually feed a bit of hay by now.  But not this year.


Brent is still planning the route through our alfalfa fields.  Alfalfa is great for flavor.  Flavor is what we’re after.


Lots and Lots of Grass

( photo by Zelie )

With all the rain and sun, the grass is growing rapidly.  I need to get out there and mow, but it’s too wet.  Then the sun shines.  Then it rains.  Then it grows another inch.

( photo by Zelie )

We are now at the point where I need to strim it down and then mow it.  UG!  I joked with Brent, ” we should have an annual run of the herd in the courtyard. ” Fence the courtyard and let the cows trim the grass for a day. After, I can mow and all will be swell.


Though we could do that, I don’t think the Golden Shower of Puppies would handle bovine courtyard friends for a day.

The herd is in “the oatfield.”  A field we seeded in oats once and made hay.  Now, we are bringing it back to life with grazing and some rolled out hay.  There was a lot of good stuff this time around.


Brent rolled out a hay bale to have them work it in the soil and munch.  The herd moved to their new paddock and totally ignored the hay bale.  Except the calves.  They were all cozied up for an afternoon nap in the sun.  They looked thankful that Brent rolled out a little bed for them.


Sleepy Hollow, Club Med Cow Move



Brent, Otto and farm guest moved the cows.  The cows had Club Med.  Club Med resides in Sleepy Hollow, the paddock.  With this move, they got a bit more yummy stuff including some trees.

After the temp fence was made, the boys walk the cows to where they will cross over to new grass.



The herd bunches and waits for the call.



They munch and munch, generally facing the same way.  After, they will rest in the trees.  We are happy to have so much food for the herd.



Restraining my inner peanut gallery, let’s all get up and appreciate an instrument that knows no limits.  My Panflute Pop Pick: The Macarena.



Otto’s Herd


Otto built a fence to keep some cows. He moves them twice a day to make sure they stay fat and healthy.

Otto's herd

He keeps their water fresh.  It’s winter so even though there is some lovely pasture, his cows need a little extra hay to keep their condition.

After he sets up the fence for the next slice of grass, he let’s the cows through and winds up the fence.

Otto Moves his cows

Today was very exciting because cow 53 “Archimedes” just gave birth.  He’ll be number 52.  It’s an ‘h’ year for Otto’s herd, so its name will be “Hypocrite.”  The mum is doing fine and milked her calf straight away.

Archimedes has a calf

We also got to enjoy some steak from “Dude” the steer.  Otto worked hard on this marbling.  We’ll fry it up and see how it tastes.

Dude, the steak

Otto took some photos of his fences and pasture.  He worked hard on fencing the cows in.  After a day or so, he added a few more posts for strength.

Otto's Fence

His pasture looks great.  Lush, green long grass.  It was a good year for rain which helped … and also this is where Zélie’s paddle pool resides for the summer.

otto's pasture


But before he moves his herd, Otto helps Brent feed the bulls.

Looks like Otto hays left.

Otto feeding bulls


Brent hays right.

Brent feeding bulls