Burger, Hold The Bun


Our kids LOVE the burgers.  Burgers are so quick and easy and yummy.  The weather here right now is sunny and inspiring, you can’t wait to fry up something outside.  Smell the lilacs.  Feel the breeze.  Make sure the herd is in.  Make sure the pupple is behaving.


We had a great time at a barbecue last Sunday.  Hamburgers and amazing salads were up for grabs.  The kids seem to love eating the hamburgers. These were proper hamburgers with buns and cheese and sauce. The bun is the magic.  I rarely bun because my buns need some work.  I have yet to make a proper hamburger bun.

Today, we had burgers without the bun. It all worked well. The flavor is there. The kids seem connected to that flavor.

Note to selfie, you cannot say “hamburger” to Zèlie. She will correct you sternly with the fact that there is no “ham” in “hamburgers.” Ham is a completely different dish. This here, is a burger.