Early Morning Cow Move

a bit frosty

It was a bit brisk this morning.  The cows are munching the grass with a little frost on it.  Yesterday was a bit animated.  It started with the Seahawks heading to the superbowl, Brent loaded two cows onto the truck, kids off to school.  When the sun rose, there was some fence debugging, some tricky cow maneuvering, Leftie got some unwanted attention,  a gate broken ( bad cows ), a reel broken, a long walk with the water bowl and the iron-man-salt-lick carry.  Then ended with more hay moving, another gate broken ( bad Brent ) followed by our typical evening kid routine.  On this morning, it was calm.


The moon was out.

new fence

The new orchard fence is looking lovely.

lake and hay

The lakes are full.

Time to roll out the hay.

preparing to unwrap

Brent rips the haynet and unwraps it a bit.

net removal

The hay has a lovely smell.


Then he rolls with it.

patient cow

The cows wait patiently. Moo.

moving cows

Then the heptagons appear and they all walk through.


Brent inspects the cows.  We think about our next beef sale.  All that is left behind is a nicely worked pasture and a steaming pile of poo.  A sweet spot for fertility.

steaming pile of poo

Hay! Hey! Hay!

DSC_9168Hey neighbor! Thanks for helping us out!


DSC_9163Hey!  Look!  Laundry that gets all dry in less than two days!


DSC_9171Hay! Raked by Brent and Lulu.


DSC_9187Hey! Our yuppie outdoor chair captures a moment out of the door!


IMG_3596Hay! is a tricky process to dress for.  Lulu will tell you how to fit your out when raking the hay.


IMG_3593Hey!  Tosca is fed up with summer and patiently awaits autumn.  Crazy Retriever.


IMG_3583Hay is fun!  Hay means sun!  Hey my girls are cute!


The Girls Get Fresh Hay



It’s the least I can do what with my little two-year-old-ball-and-chain.  The little heifers need their fresh hay and I unlock and re-lock the barrieres.  Go me!  Not a difficult task, but I love being with the heifers making sure they are well loved and cared for.



Brent does the second gate because generally I have a two-year-old on my hip.  But today, two-year-old napped.  ( yeah! ) so I kept the hungry bovines away while Brent took the hay net off.  Then I closed up after the tractor.  I suspect Zélie would be all over this routine, but I’m a crazy mom who keeps my girl safe at all costs.  We have a neighbor who is eighty or so now, but when he was young, four, he would sleep in the fields with the cows to keep warm and make sure they didn’t escape.  I can’t imagine asking Minty ( five ) doing something similar, but then maybe I’m a product of an ‘X’ generation.




And this is hay.  Gorgeous, lovely smelling hay ( scratch-n-sniff ) that we’d done ourself.  This roll is for the boys who narrowly escaped castration today.  But don’t worry, we’ll be back.  They are loving this hay.  They eat and eat quickly and efficiently.  Sometimes it takes three tries to get things done in France.  First, it was too rainy.  Second, it was too muddy.  Third?  we will have all that is needed to bring tasty steer to you.  Then they will be back out to the fields of Laspeyreres eating grass and Lucerne.