The Cows Are Back In Nebraska


While chatting with our new neighbours, there was a “moo.” A “moo” a little too close to home. It wasn’t the new neighbours, it was our naughty cows taking a field trip. They are supposed to be in Nebraska. I won’t mention names, but, some farmer left the gate open to the oat field. And off they went.


They had a sip out of the lake under the tree. They did some munching and then calmly ( they were calm ) walked back to Nebraska. They have all day to munch Nebraska down before moving on.

And Lumi shows off his very special bicoloured tongue.


Bottle Calf Meet Herd, Urban Hat Meet Cattleman


Our bottle calves are ready for the herd.  Poodle, a yearling, sets the hierarchy.



They are mixing at the moment.  And hopefully they shall realize that they are not a retriever, but a cow.  We shall see.

On the left, urban sun hat. On the right Australian Cattleman hat. Both sun protective. Each with their own ton “steel.”



Herding bovines where they need to go.  I love a good hat.  And a good bovine walk.  For the first time, I feel like baby bottle calves are one with the herd.  We shall see.