Funstagram Today


It is too easy to post our life picture by picture.  But it is so much fun.  Our subjects are ready for the camera.

Gorgeous light while fixing the workshop.


A princess dead on Grasspunk farm.  She had a good life.IMG_4952

A lovely lunch.  We call it Crocque Mesdames.  Two flutes facing each other, but they are one … sandwich … with two fried eggs and melted crocque cheese.  IMG_4933

Brent tosses a log, modern dance style.  There’s nothing more underrated than tossing a big log.IMG_4965

This is the school bus.  I have family in the school bus bidness in America.  This bus is WAY more fancy than the American equivalent.  They have air conditioning and seat belts!!!IMG_4925

A shower of Golden play.IMG_4976

Our Z likes to climb and jump.  No need for wings with this girl.IMG_4979grasspunk on instagram