Accepting Social Media


I feel the need to post on Instagram. “Mother of four and some cows, shares photos on Instagram … with captions”

So addictive.

“look at that!” … says the kiddies


Brent will need to shelf the farm jammies.  Too many photo opportunities.

Z can continue with her farm panties because for the next few weeks, she is still three.


When Brent leaves the tractor key in the truck, we can totally Instagram that vid.  Only fifteen seconds, though.


Like a mix-tape, we can portray what the heck happened on this day in November.

Champagne on Saturday, I’ll sign off and get my heels on.  Never drink Champagne in worker wear.  Take a moment to look perty.  You can shah-zaam in less than five minutes … so long as your three-year-old doesn’t lock down the powder room. Z! It’s time for bed-bed.