The Internet Is Not So Awesome


When it’s gone. We’ve managed to use the cell phone to get by.

But to use a cell phone in this old house you must step outside. In thé cold. So i use my Woods selectively with out correction of french auto correct.

Curée tôt trying to set-up a local “hot spot ” and a warm spot ( for me ). The cell phone works well In thé -2 C outside. Great hot spot. Terrible warm spot.

Cows are great. Beef is good. If you need us, use cell phone or email. If we are short with you, it’s because words become more precious when you are freezing your star off writing them.

Hello World!


We’re back.  The internet has returned.  Though it didn’t drown, it’s disappearance was water related.  A neighboring farm diverted flooding in their large chicken shed by digging a trench.  A cable was cut.  Our internet died.  I saw some men fiddling with cables on my way home and told Brent.  He went over for a chat and suddenly I heard my phone chirp.  Then the green light of interwebular power breathed again.

Meanwhile, sun is shining and the grass is growing.

( photo  B. Curtis )

Cows are munching.

Beef is coming!

I’m Convinced The Internet Drowned In The Gers


a race track in Vic

The interwebs are still a no-show for us. The men in hats came around and it no worky somewhere underground. Boo! We’re not exactly sure what the fix is, but it won’t be rapid. I think that through Brent’s pasture improvement methods, water has finally found the means to be absorbed by the earth. An old cable that has not met these moist conditions cannot cope and has drowned. Just a guess.

a farmer’s field that has flooded and spilled onto the road

Today is sunny. Tomorrow is sunny again. And then sunny and sunny. It’s glorious to squint and be warmed by the sun.


We sit back and watch the grass grow hoping my shattered iPhone doesn’t take another tumble or we will truly be off the grid, unplugged from the matrix.

kids after their picnic, climbing on the wood pile

Perhaps that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

watch the grass grow

If The Internet Suddenly Went Away For A Few Days, Would It Make A Sound?


This has never happened in the few years we’ve been here, but the Internet has left the building. It’s gone, gone like sunshine before the month of may. I noticed its absence, but haven’t missed it much because I’m forty with four, young children, a herd a cattle, a farm to help run and lots of set-up or pick-up work to get done. The Internet has always been by my side while I do and not do my work. When it’s no longer there, I’m not upset or grumpy or wanky-righteous ( UGWR, Myers-Briggs rating ). I’m alone. I’m all by myself here in France with my family. Our farm. Our crazy renters in the villa. And our cows. And my cowboy. The cats. Tosca. The chickens. Okay, so not so alone, but the work I do continues, like always, and you don’t know about it. Though you could should you pop over for a chat and some beef. Mr. Green is on, a glass of wine poured, book open, actually what’s this “Internet” you speak of? Now if we can guess the next few days of weather, we can work out our work plan. The Internet is great and all, but when it’s gone, wake up, look around and say “hey-yeah” to the real people directly around you. Despite what the interwebs say, this – these people around you – is called your ” community.” You might learn something. Or you might learn nothing. Or you might learn that you may or may not want to be living directly near your neighbors should the interwebs partir.

Our cellphone coverage is poor, so I’m standing in the middle of this field. It’s gorgeous and yes, it’s making sounds.


The worms are munching, the water is being absorbed, the crazy renters are gardening, the chainsaw in the distance is zibbing, the giant flock of birds are zigging, the camion is zagging ( must be the wine with lunch ), the geese are squawking and that gunshot? Yeah, I don’t know what that was. Things are right in our part of France. Though my fingers are now too cold to register taps on my broken iPhone. Good day to you all in cyberland!