Sunflowers with Mint


There are a lot of volunteer sunflowers out in them there fields.  Brent is working the field we call “Nebraska” because it came to us as a cornfield.

Brent mowed a little path that led to a huge supply of gorgeous sunflowers then called in on the “talkie walkie” (yep, that’s what they call them here) to let us know.  Of course, GrayCute had to join us.  That’s his belly.  We rub it for good luck.



I did a test shot to see if I could adjust anything to accommodate the bright sun.  What I got was a Punky Pantene Swishy Flip.  I love her hair even when it’s not brushed.



Unable to resist the power of GrayCute, Brent hopped off the tractor for a belly rub.


This is what Minty looks like when she says GrayCuuuuuuute.



If you need more Swishy Flips