Moon Shadows


I said to Brent as we grabbed a moment to sit away from the children and the livestock, ” wow!  that’s a big moon!”

“Oh yeah, it’s a supermoon tonight,”  he says.

Very bright out tonight.  Z came out with us and noticed the shadows.  ” Those are moon shadows.”  “oh! cool!”  she replied with that four-year-old bomb of enthusiasm.


We grabbed some moon shadow shots.  Otto grabbed a shot of the moon.


Minty grabbed a shot of the moon.


Then they went to bed.


Hair On Fire, Tits To The Wind


I thought my dance teacher from Highschool said that, but now that I’m approaching old, it very well could have been my college professor.  We had to run across stage, you see.  In a very intense way.  Like your hair was on fire and your tits point to the wind.  Should you try this at home, I’m sure you’d get what our choreographer was going for.  I highly recommend it.  Keeps you real.  Keeps you regular.

Or you could be a four-year-old dragon.  In which case, direction is lost on you.  HOFTTW is your fuel.


All out of Bubble gum.


Crazy pup tries to keep up.


Good luck, pup.IMG_5024

Leaping is my favorite thing ever to do.IMG_5021

I love to watch my baby girl explore her leaping skills.


Did I Tell You About The Well?


We spend hundreds of Euros each year  watering the cows.  Fresh town water.  Great water.  So good, the commune distributes it to other communes.  But, it would be nice to use our well.

Deep and full of water. Just needs a bit of “hee” and “ho.”  We had some help set to this up.  One and Brent to do the logistics of pipes and electricity.  And our other resident family to dig a trench and bury the hose.


Everything went well.  A few things to fix, but our farm water was reaching the cows steadily.


Kevin dug a trench and also filled it in.

The red capsule of glory worked perfectly.



Then it stopped.  The water.  So we wait to lower the pump a bit further.  To be continued …

Le Menu


I found an old chalkboard.  Wrote out today’s menu.  Minty asks me everyday and every hour what’s for breakfast/lunch/gouter/dinner?  So I posted it on the found chalkboard.

What’s “gouter,” you ask?  ( pronounced “goo-tay”).  It’s a 4pm snack they do here in France.  Usually it’s a bit of bread with some chocolate of some description or yogurt or apple sauce.  I can never remember how to spell it, so I call it “G-tay.”

Zelie saw the menu, saw that Snicker bar was for gouter and wasn’t impressed.  You see lunch was up next.  She wanted gouter now.  “No,” I say, “lunch first.”  Then, she erased the menu.  Except for gouter.  Checkmate.

Brats Like Me


Give a kid a camera and she takes some interesting photos.  How did we manage to get four obnoxious kids?  Must be carried on the Y chromosome.  The kids are managing their summer boredom by making videos, figuring out the self-timer, taking pictures and generally making a mess.  Though, they would call their work “games” and “projects.”

It’s not easy raising these monsters, but hopefully they will be capable adults.

Z Always Likes To Help


Kevin is building something, but it doesn’t matter what.

Zelie is right there helping in anyway possible.  


I wasn’t there, so I imagine she is asking a lot of questions ” What’s that? ” … ” What are you doing, Kevin? ”  …. ” Why are you doing that, Kevin? ” … “Kevin, look at me!  Look what I can do!”

I went down to tell them lunch was ready.  Thankfully Kevin is patient with the four-year-olds.


Z loves Kevin.  She’s always following him and waking him up and waiting for him to entertain her.


Kevin is leaving soon, but I’m not sure he fully understands the power of Z.  We’ll do our best to get you to the airport on time :).

Photos From A Four-Year-Old

DSC_0566Every once in awhile, I let the kids use my phone.  The phone has a camera.  As clever as those games are, the kids are WAY more interested in using the camera.  Here is what a farm in France looks like from a four-year-old girl’s perspective. I’ll spare you my silly captions. IMG_4084_2








More Willow Bye-Bye


The courtyard willow is gone.  Old tree fell victim to vermin.  After the branch that fell, we investigated the rest of the tree and news is not good.  Our friend helped take down the other side.  The center piece will come down in fall.

So, more clearing.  Z is the bestest helper.  She is non-stop.  When you want to grab a rest, she will say, “what are you doing?”  Meaning, “let’s go!”  So Kevin and the kids ( mostly Z ), broke down the tree and piled it on the bon fire. ( nice guns, Kevin! )


Z is in charge.  You’d think, after all these years of development by us adults, a four-year-old would be a minion. Think again.


Brent is cutting the last of the hay.  My ISO is whacky, but you get the idea.


Children Show No Mercy For Jet Lag


Yeah!  Our friend Kevin is here!!

Arrived last night.  Managed to eat and laugh.  Then went off to read the instructions to construct “Hubble” our new telescope ( thanks, Kevin!! ).  I should say “read” instructions.  Sometimes Brent “reads” in bed.  Whereby “reading” means: put your book on the bedside table and shut the light off.

The kids were exhausted from end-of-school activities.  I think we all had a bit of jet lag.  But, the children managed to get up earlier than Kevin, wandered over to the villa and woke him up.  He said he heard their footsteps as they entered.  We call it “child thunder.”

Burgers for lunch today.  We do burgers with buns when we have a beef sale.  A special treat.  Everyone has their own style.  I enjoy watching and photographing what burger people make.  It’s very personal.  Kevin made the burger above.  TWO tomatoes, good one.  Fried egg is lovely. He chose Comte as a melty topper.

I think everyone who visits will be required to build a burger.  I’ll photo and post the results.

Here is Hubble in the making.  The moon is full tonight.


Last night the moon was full and red.  There was a lot of harvest and a lot of heat that messed with the atmosphere.

Can’t wait to see what tonight’s moon and star show is about.