Working Out The Egg Cup


I think it’s less than 46mm.  Any biggger, a bit tricky.  Any smaller, cute, but no cigar.


Also, big arse lettuce from my personal Lettuce Queen connection.  This beauty is bigger than Minty’s head and has two hearts.  Oh, I loves me some lettuce hearts.  Oh,  I feel a Kylie song coming on …

Green Machine

Our neighbor grew some salad like it was going out of style.  Though, in our region of France, salad is most definitely not drifting to the sale rack.  There are so many ways to take salad, it takes a sip of wine and crazy thoughts to resolve.  I love salad.  Love it!  With fresh greens like these, I keep it simple with some fat and a dash of vinegar. Okay some salt.  Oh! is that tomato ripe!  Then I crunch back and enjoy.

This particular head of lettuce was so gorgeous, I pulled Brent aside from his busy day and said, “LOOK AT THIS LETTUCE!!”  I suppose after however many years of marriage, he “yes deared” my impulse and we all moved along.  But, I couldn’t believe that Fiona, our neighbor, grew such a lovely beast.  It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to tuck in when I unveil my first attempt at Spring Rolls.